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31 Willow Street

31-Willow-StreetSTREET ADDRESS: 31 Willow Street



COUNTY: Yarmouth

YEAR BUILT: 1875-1878


Italianate in style, this is a two storey home of wood construction. The three bay, symmetrical facade has a centered doorway. The low pitched, hip roof has wide eaves supported by brackets and originally a cupola was found at the peak. There are two large, inset chimneys on the main house and a third on the rear ell. The large windows are two over two double hung and several are trimmed with heavy entablitures. Two, three sided bays are located to the side. There is a pedimented false gable centered at the front and the main entrance is located in an enclosed porch. A small, open veranda runs along the rear of the house. The foundation is of concrete.


Originally part of John Bingay's estate, this lot was purchased by Frederick R.S. Mildon from Bingay's widow for $900.00 in 1875. Presumably Mildon and his wife Abbie had this house built within the next few years when they sold it to Zebina Goudey for $5.000.00. Goudey a shipowner, died in 1887 leaving the property to his widow Almira. Almira A. Goudey is listed as residing here in the 1890 and 1895 directories. In 1906 she sold the property to Ninnie C. Rankin, wife of Alfred N. Rankin, a broker from New York.


Situated at the corner of two streets, this house is surrounded by large trees and an old hedge. The house has been converted into apartments and vinyl siding added.

PRESENT OWNER: Yarmouth Enterprises Ltd.

ADDRESS: 13 Brunswick Street Yarmouth, N.S.

ORIGINAL OWNER: Frederick R.S. Mildon


BUILDER: unknown


PRESENT USE: Apartments

Frederick R.S. Mildon Sept. 1 1875 Nov. 7 1878 Merchant AY 152
Zebrina Goudey Nov. 7 1878 Nov. 22 1887 Shipowner BC 75
Almira A. Goudey Nov. 22 1887 Sept. 25 1906 Widow Will #2009
Minnie C. Rankin Sept. 25 1906 Sept. 25 1906 Wife of Alfred Rankin (Broker) CR 890
Belle W. Harris Sept. 25 1906 Dec. 17 1914 Widow CR 918
Alice Johnson Lee Dec. 17 1914 Jan. 2 1938 Landlady DE 551
H. Blanchard Flint ct. al. Mar. 25 1938 Oct. 28 1938 (Heirs of A.J. Less) Will #3296
Karl W. Baker (as trustee) March 25 1938 Oct. 28 1938 Merchant EM 460
Bessie Hatfield Oct. 28 1938 Oct. 29 1958 Stenographer EM 747
Frank A. Moores Oct. 29 1958 June 4 1964 Accountant FX 237
Malcolm R. Moores/Muriel Moores June 4 1964 Jan. 5 1967 Office Manager/wife GB 660
Malcolm Moores Jan. 5 1967 N/A Retired Accountant GS 429
Yarmouth Enterprises Ltd. N/A Present N/A No recorded deed


Alice Johnson Lee was born in Yarmouth the daughter of William and Lois Johnson. At one time she operated the popular Stanwood's Inn, on the Bay View side of Yarmouth Harbour. Later she conducted a lodging house from this building, until her death in 1938 at the age of 72.

SOURCES: Registry of Deeds (Yarmouth) Yarmouth Directories (1890)(1895) 1878 B.E.V. map of Yarmouth Town

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