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A lot of goods, industrial materials, and even property come in and out of Yarmouth, and it's trucks and other industrial vehicles that tow them through town. But not all our roads are created equal when it comes to which can handle these heavy-duty vehicles, and which ones cannot.

That's why the Town of Yarmouth has two truck routes – a daytime route between 7 am-7 pm, and a nighttime route between 7 pm-7 am. Transport trucks over 3,000 kg need to use these routes. This avoids disrupting regular town traffic and ensures safe turns and visibility.

What if the delivery's end destination lies outside of the truck route? In that case, some allowance is made for your vehicle to travel these non-truck route streets. Please take care to choose the most efficient route possible, and return to the approved truck route as soon as possible.

To learn more about our truck route, and what other types of vehicles must adhere to it, you can read the  pdf Truck Route By Law (985 KB) . The maps can be found below.

Truck route daytime 11x17 February 25 2021