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Yarmouth is one of the most temperate places in Canada, with summer heat and winter chill both kept in check by the moderating influence of the sea. According to the Atlantic Climate Centre, our average January temperature of -2.7°C (27°F) is the highest of any mainland station in the Maritimes. Yarmouth's 16.3°C (61°F) July mean temperature compares closely with Vancouver's 17.3°C and is somewhat cooler than Toronto's 20.6°C.  Yarmouth is warm in the summer days and cool in the summer evenings. 

With so many beaches, parks, and trails, weather plays an important role in Yarmouth. Everything from leisure activities to our marine industries is affected by both the tides and weather. At the same time, Yarmouth sits at the mouth of the Bay of Fundy which is known for having the highest tides in the world. Here are some essential facts about our local climate, along with additional resources:


  • Average summer: 15.5°C
  • Average summer high: 20.0°C
  • Average summer low: 11.0°C
  • Average winter: -1.5°C
  • Average winter low: -5.1°C
  • Average winter high: 2.5°C


  • Average rainfall/month (full year): 92 mm
  • Average rainfall/month (summer): 88 mm
  • Average rainfall/month (winter): 83 mm
  • Average snowfall/month (winter): 50 cm