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Building & Renovating


From sheds and decks to large structures, any development within the Town of Yarmouth requires a municipal development permit. You can find the application form for development permits on our Permits, Applications, and Licences page, along with checklists that show how to get things moving!

If the Development Officer declines to issue a permit, you have the right to appeal to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board.

Any subdivision of land requires approval, including any additions or deletions of any area of land from a lot. Learn more on our Subdivision Services page

Zoning Confirmation

The Development Officer will provide a signed zoning confirmation letter certifying the zoning for any identified parcel of land. It's important to note that these letters only relate the property to the Land Use By-Law at a specified period in time. As the Land Use By-law is subject to change, these letters only represent a snapshot of a particular moment in time. Be sure to check with the Planning and Development Office prior to any development project.

Variance Applications

If you've applied for a Development Permit for an addition or new building, but aren't able to meet the setback requirements as specified in the Land Use By-Laws, you may qualify for a variance. You'll need to fill out a pdf variance application (1.35 MB) .

The variance application costs $50 and does not expire. If the variance is approved, letters are sent to adjacent property owners within 30 meters of the subject property to notify them of the variance. Property owners who receive notice have 14 days, from the day of receiving the notice, to appeal to Town Council. If refused, the variance applicant has 7 days from the day of receiving the refusal to appeal to Town Council. Variance Process.

Legislative Authority

Here are the laws that underpin our Development Services policies:

Keep in mind that the National Building Code is only a minimum set of standards. Our inspections are not a substitute for the care you would normally take if you were doing the work for yourself or when hiring a contractor to complete your project.

pdf Application Form for Development, Sign, Building, Demolition & Occupancy Permits (373 KB)

pdf Basic Deck Construction Details (786 KB)

pdf Commercial Permit Process Checklist (527 KB)

pdf Demolition Permit Process (134 KB)

pdf Handrail Requirements (167 KB)

pdf Private Stairs Diagram Code Requirements (114 KB)

pdf Residential Permit Process Checklist (602 KB)

pdf Subdivision Application (1.38 MB)

pdf Subdivision Process Checklist (454 KB)

pdf Variance Application (1.35 MB)


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