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The health and safety of Yarmouth's residents are safeguarded by our emergency services and public health facilities. We're also committed to health and safety through our by-laws and services, such as active living and senior services.

The Yarmouth Regional Hospital provides care to 64,000 people in Shelburne, Yarmouth, and Digby Counties, with a broad range of medical specialists. Services range from emergency care and diagnostic imaging to dealing with mental illness, addictions, physiotherapy, diabetes, cancer, renal dialysis, and veterans' issues.

If you need help right away, the Province of Nova Scotia provides some really incredible services that you can access over the phone. Here are the numbers you can call:

211: Community and social services

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Call 211 to get access to thousands of essential services anywhere in Nova Scotia, including:

  • Refugee Assistance
  • Housing/Shelters
  • Child, Youth and Family
  • Continuing Care
  • Food Support
  • Financial
  • Older Adult Services (Seniors)
  • Newcomer Services
  • Health, Mental Health, and Addiction Services
  • Disability Support and Services
  • Transportation
  • Community and Cultural Services
  • Government/Legal
  • Seasonal

811: Health Advice

For trusted non-emergency health information, call 811 to talk to a registered nurse. If you think you may be experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911.

911: Emergency

If someone's health, safety, or property is threatened and help is needed right away, call 911 to connect to police, fire, ambulance, and other emergency services.

Looking for a Family Doctor?

Call 1 (844) 491-5891 if you're looking for a family doctor, nurse practitioner, or other primary health care service. There are also a variety of programs and services available to people without family physicians, outlined by the Nova Scotia Health Authority.

Continuing Care

Continuing Care, a program of the Nova Scotia Department of Health, serves people who need ongoing care outside of the hospital, either on a long-term or short-term basis. They provide access to:

  • Long-Term Care (Nursing Homes, Residential Care Facilities, and Community-Based Options)
  • Home Care
  • Self-Managed Care
  • Adult Protection Services
  • HELP Bed Loan Program

The toll-free number in Nova Scotia to connect with Continuing Care services is 1 (800) 225-7225. They operate every day, including weekends, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. You can also contact them by visiting Continuing Care.