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Good Planning helps a community set goals about how it will grow and develop, and work out ways of reaching those goals while keeping important social, economic, and environmental concerns in mind.

The Planning and Economic Development Department determines how land is used, where development happens and how. It enforces municipal development and building permits and by-laws. It also handles economic development matters.

The Planning Department must be contacted prior to the commencement of any development in the Town of Yarmouth, be it a residential deck addition or a large multi-unit commercial or residential development.

The Planning and Development Team consists of the Director, Planner, Development Officer, Building Official, Junior Building Official, By-law Enforcement Officer, GIS Technician, and Administrative Assistant.

Where to find information?

Information on planning and development is divided into three sections:


Planning is where you’ll find information on the town’s planning vision, goals, and land use by-law, as well as interactive zoning. You can also find information on planning processes and applications.

Development and Building Permits

Development and Building Permits is where you’ll find information on development permits (i.e. where structures can be on lots) and building permits (i.e. how structures are built), demolition or occupancy permits, and variances.

Guidelines, checklists, applications, and fees related to these types of authorizations can also be found here.

By-law enforcement

By-law enforcement is where you can find information on how the Town enforces by-laws and complies with legislated requirements such as minimum housing standards, vacant buildings, or dangerous and unsightly premises. 

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We are located at:

Yarmouth Town Hall (third floor)
400 Main Street
Yarmouth, N.S.
B5A 1G2
Tel: (902) 742-1505 
Fax: (902) 749-1474

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