Accessibility Tools

For the comfort and safety of Town of Yarmouth Transit passengers, we ask that all passengers follow our rules of the road.

Strollers. Front seats will be yielded to passengers with strollers and those with mobility issues. Children in strollers are to remain strapped in and secure at all times.

Smoking. Passengers are not permitted to smoke while on transit buses. No electronic smoking devices are permitted on buses. No smoking in shelters.

Food and Beverages. Food and beverages are permitted on the buses provided that all beverages have a secure cover or lid. Please respect our space and remove any excess waste when you exit the bus.

Animals. With the exception of vested service dogs, animals are not allowed on the Town of Yarmouth Transit buses, unless properly restrained in a closed cage or carrier so as to prevent disturbance or damage to the bus.

Clothing. Passengers are required to wear a shirt or top and footwear while travelling on the Town of Yarmouth Transit buses.

Scents. Passengers are asked to respect the comfort of others who are sensitive to fragrances and consider a “scent-free” environment.

Luggage. Luggage and groceries should not exceed more than what is manageable by one person.

Recyclables. The town of Yarmouth Transit does not allow any bags of recyclable cans and bottles to be transported on the buses.

Scooters. Two-wheel scooters and skateboards are permitted on the buses but must be held securely by the passenger to prevent a tripping hazard.

Refunds. No refunds on purchased tickets and passes. If you encounter a problem with your pass, please contact us at (902) 742-2521 or visit Town Hall at 400 Main Street, Main Floor Reception.

Other Policies

  • Passengers using electronic devices are asked to use earphones and adjust the volume accordingly as to not disturb other passengers.
  • Passengers must refrain from using profanity.
  • Roller blades are prohibited on Town of Yarmouth buses.
  • Riders must have exact cash fare. Riders can pre-purchase tickets at participating retail outlets and tickets or reloadable passes at Town Hall.
  • Everything is subject to change (this is version 2.0 of the guidelines)

Important Information

Town of Yarmouth Transit Operations does their best to follow the posted schedules in order for you to arrive at your destination safely and on time; however, on occasion, road construction, inclement weather or traffic tie-ups may cause delays in the schedule. Your patience and understanding are appreciated during these times. Town of Yarmouth Transit drivers have the authority to deny passengers the right to board Town of Yarmouth Transit buses or remove any passenger who may be causing a disturbance or damage to the bus.