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Collins Conservation District Tour

Take a walk through time in the Collins Heritage Conservation District, where in the space of a few blocks you'll discover houses of the early and late 19th century.

The early houses tend to be modest but well-built. The later houses were built in an era of economic well-being and show very strong Victorian influence.

Those houses built around 1890 are, for the most part, Queen Anne Revival. The Willow to Clements portion of Collins Street was much like today's subdivision. With all the men who had these houses built being "sort-of" rivals on land or sea, there was a good deal of "one-upmanship" expressed in the grandeur and craftsmanship of the houses.


The citizens of Yarmouth are fortunate that these houses have suffered little at the hands of time, and that there have been people who were willing to take on the task of restoring them to their former glory. Here are some of the properties you can see in a walk through the district:

1. 11 Second Street
2. 13 Second Street
3. 11 Collins Street
4. 14 Collins Street
5. 31 Willow Street
6. 16 Collins Street
7. 15 Collins Street
8. Pelton Fuller House
9. 17 Collins Street
10. 22 Collins Street
11. 19 Collins Street
12. 31 Carleton Street
13. 29 Carleton Street
14. 27 Carleton Street
15. 39 Alma Street
16. 40-42 Alma Street
17. 45 Alma Street
18. 46 Alma Street
19. 20 Clements Street
20. 21 Clements Street
21. 23 Clements Street
22. 25 Collins Street
23. 23 Collins Street


Town of Yarmouth

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