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23-Collins-StreetSTREET ADDRESS: 23 Collins Street



COUNTY: Yarmouth

YEAR BUILT: 1890-1895


Queen Anne Revival in style, this is a two storey home of wood construction. The symmetrical three bay facade has an off-centered doorway and a steeply pitched, cross gable roof. There is one large chimney with decorative brick work. The windows are large paned and double hung with entablitures above. There is a two storey bay at front and another to the side. Three pedimented gables extend from the roof, each with a small window (two triangular, one palladian). A variety of textures are expressed in the woodwork and dentil trim is used extensively. Decorative brackets trim the eave corners on the roof and porches. The front entrance is in an open porch, the double doors have an entabliture above. An open veranda runs half the length of the west side. The house is cald in narrow clapboard and the exterior foundation is of brick.


In 1890 Thomas Stoneman, a well known merchant in the town purchased this property then listed as vacant but by 1895 it was shown as the house and grounds of Thos. W. Stoneman.

In his younger years Mr. Stoneman was employed with Bailey and Cann and later with Bailey and Killam, both dry good dealers. In May, 1884 he entered into partnership with M. Pickles Cook under the firm name of Cook and Stoneman, Dry Goods Dealers. Mr. Cook resided just down the street in what is now 19 Collins Street from 1889-1944. This partnership existed for more tan 27 years. In 1911 the firm was dissolved and Mr. Stoneman purchased the extensive Hawthorne Street livery stables of J.M. Trefry which he managed until about 1915.

For six years, from 1909 until 1915 Thomas Stoneman served as a Town Councillor.


Situated back from the road on a slight hill, this home overlooks a school yard. A large hip roof barn most likely built at the same time as the house is situated at the rear. Although not as elaborate in its details, the basic structure is identical to its neighbour (31 Carleton Street). This Victorian style home is well suited to the neighbourhood.

PRESENT OWNER: Gregory Warner in trust for Constantine Kollitus


ORIGINAL OWNER: Thomas W. Stoneman


BUILDER: Unknown



Thomas W. Stoneman Jan. 1 1890 Nov. 16 1916 Merchant BR 939
C. Ethel Stoneman Nov. 16 1916 May 1 1918 Widow Will #5072
Anna R. Wright May 1 1918 Sept. 27 1943 Wife of J.G. Wright (Merchant) DJ 877
His Majesty the King Sept. 27 1943 Mar. 13 1948 N/A EN 435
Albert Wagner Mar. 13 1948 Apr. 5 1951 Manager FJ 171
Katherine L. Lowe Sarah V. Wagner Apr. 5 1951 Jan. 25 1952 Widow/Married Woman FJ 172
Sarah V. Wagner Claude L. Sanderson Jan. 25 1952 May 15 1954 Widow/ Barrister FM 273
(AS EXECUTORS) Everett B. Nickerson May 15 1954 May 9 1956 Landlord FJ 183
Stephen Alexander Shaw May 9 1956 Oct. 26 1973 N/A FQ 1
Eugene P. Furlotte Oct. 26 1973 Oct. 29 1974 N/A IU 482
Charles Everett Sperry Oct. 29 1974 Aug. 20 1986 N/A JN 403
Mary R. Sperry Aug. 20 1986 Feb. 14 1987 Widow N/A
Gregory M. Warner (in trust)) Feb. 14 1987 N/A Attorney (as trustee) 425/626


"Another fine large residence - that of Mr. T.W. Stoneman - has been completed. This house is situated on the south side of Collins street, between the residences of Messrs. Augustus Cann and C.W. Murphy. It is two stories high and has a hip roof. The exterior is finished in good taste and painted a soft bluish drab with white trimmings. The main entrance is in the north east corner, through a small veranda and a vestibule. The front doors are of hard wood, very massive and highly ornamented. The front hall is very large. This room is finished in oak as are all the rooms in the main house. Two handsome newels attract first attention in the hall. The staircase is of ash trimmed with black walnut. Off the hall there opens a door into the lavatory and cloak room, which in turn is connected with the side entrance. The parlor is connected with the hall by a double doorway. In the parlor is a very massive and ornate black marble mantel, and the room is lighted by a bay window looking northwardly and extending across the whole side of the room, the sashes being filled with large sheets of plate glass. The sitting room is in the N.E. corner of the house. It is fitted with grate and mantel and is lighted by windows looking to the north and west.

The dining room has a western aspect. It is fitted with grate and lighted with a bay window similar to that in the parlor. The two rooms last mentioned open directly into the hall. Off the dining room is a commodious china closet, with slide connecting with kitchen. A door opens from the d.r. to kitchen direct. The kitchen is conveniently arranged with pantry, wash-room and store-room attached. One new feature is the polished brass pipes for water connections. Off the back hall are entrances to cellar, backstairs, and a passage to the lavatory.

On the second floor are some half-dozen fine bedrooms and bathroom fitted up after the most approved style. The cellar is in keeping with the substantial structure which stands over it. The house is warmed by means of the hot air system. Edward Crosby was the builder, Pettit & Sellars the masons, Alvin Earle the painter and W.R. Wetmore the plumber, and heating by Wm. Churchill."

SOURCES: Registry of Deeds (Yarmouth) Yarmouth Directories (1890)(1895)