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29-Carleton-StreetSTREET ADDRESS: 29 Carleton Street



COUNTY: Yarmouth

YEAR BUILT: 1891-1892


Basically Greek Revival in design, this house has several added elements which give it a Victorian appearance. The steeply pitched gable roof has a front gabel and non-return eaves. There is one small chimney, discreetly placed. This two storey wooden structure has an off-centered doorway and a symmetrical facade. The windows are nine over two and trimmed with casings and narrow hoods. A three-sided bay is found at the front, this is topped with a pedimented false gable. A sunburst design, worked in wood is found inside the false gable. Decorative brackets support the eaveslines and additional woodworking designs are found in the front gable. An open veranda is found along the facade. The elaborate woodwork used to trim this veranda adds to the Victorian look of the home. The house is clad in narrow wooden clapboard with contrasting cornerboards.


In 1891 James Baker purchased this lot of land from Thomas W. Stoneman for $500.00. It seems likely that Baker, a carpenter, built this house himself although it appears he did not reside here. From Lawson's book, Yarmouth Past and Present, we know this house was constructed between 1891 and 1892. The 1895 directory for Yarmouth shows E.J. Vickery, bookseller, living here. Edgar J. Vickery owned a bookstore opposite the old Post Office at what was then 307 Main Street. He also operated a "Circulating Library" charging 2 cents per day or 10 cents per week.


Situated on a well kept lot, large trees are found to the sides and back. This house has been kept in excellent condition and is similar in age to several houses in the area.

PRESENT OWNER: Michael & Susan Mason

ADDRESS:29 Carleton Street Yarmouth, N.S. B5A 2C5



BUILDER: James G. Baker

ORIGINAL USE: Residential (single family)

PRESENT USE: Residential (single family)

James G. Baker Jan. 16 1891 Feb. 7 1896 Carpenter BT 282
Lewis H. Wheaton Feb. 7 1896 July 11 1908 Civil Engineer BZ 922
Laura F. Johnson July 11 1908 Feb. 24 1913 Married Woman CU 386
Adaline L. Earle Feb. 24 1913 Feb. 3 1938 Married Woman DA 944
Dorothy R. Miller Feb. 3 1938 Oct. 12 1948 Married Woman N/A
C. Asa Doane Oct. 12 1948 Oct. 19 1950 Contractor EX 357
Beulah & John Taylor Oct. 19 1950 May 8 1979 Bookkeeper / Garage Owner FG 41
Lois Hunter May 8 1979 Aug. 25 1989 Widow LY 392
Michael & Susan Mason Aug. 25 1989 June 7 1999 Helicopter Pilot / Store Owner 462/892
Donna M.C. Trefry June 7 1999 Present N/A 583/1010


- Laura Furlong Johnson was the wife of William Johnson, an accountant.

- Adaline Lewis Earle was the wife of George R. Earle, her parents were William McGill and Annie Lewis. Adaline died intestate at the age of 65 leaving this house to her daughter Dorothy Miller, wife of Reginald Miller.

Mr. James G. Baker, builder, has just completed another handsome new residence. This one is situated on the east side of Carleton Street. It is of modern design, and, having been constructed under the supervision of Mr. Baker, the building is of a superior character in every particular. The house is very compact, but it is planned to such good advantage that there is in it sufficient accommodation for a large family. The house has two stories. There is a bay window on each side and a bay window and veranda on the front. The front doors open from this veranda into a small vestibule, which is to be separated by portieres from the sitting-hall - a pleasant room with a southern aspect. To the left is the entrance to the parlor. This room is lighted by a window facing north and by the bay window on the north side, the walls being "done" in dainty, warm colors. Off this room is a large china closet. A door leads from the dining room into the kitchen, which is in the southeast corner of the house. This room is large and pleasant, and is conveniently fitted with sink, dresser, etc. It has connection with a large pantry and an inside cellar-stairway. The back door opens on the south side. Entrance to the stairway may be had either from the kitchen, the dining room or the sitting hall. The stairway and halls are amply lighted by one window. There are three large bedrooms and a small one on the second floor, also a number of closets and an elegantly appointed bathroom. There is a bedroom and large storage room in the attic. The cellar is deep, and is furnished with cement floor. It is well provided with closets, etc., and has two set tubs. The house is plumbed for gas and hot and cold water, and is heated by hot water. It contains everything required to make a convenient and comfortable home. The house will be occupied by Mr. E.J. Vickery.


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