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25-Collins-StreetSTREET ADDRESS: 25 Collins Street



COUNTY: Yarmouth

YEAR BUILT: 1882-1890


built in the Italian style, this is a two storey, wooden structure. The symmetrical three bay facade has a centered doorway. The main entrance is is an enclosed porch with windows at the sides, wooden steps and railings lead to the double doors. The porch roof is trimmed with brackets. The steeply pitched hip roof is truncated. There are two large inset chimneys. One gabled and two eyebrow dormers face out from the front. There is one, three sided bay above the portico and one on either side of the house. The windows are two over two double hung and trimmed with gabled hoods and brackets. Clad in narrow clapboard with decorative cornerboards, this house has wide eaves supported by brackets.


This house was built between 1882 and 1890 by John Murphy, a shipowner who also had built what is now 11 Second Street. This house was apparently built for John Murphy's son Charles, who is shown residing here on the 1890 and 1895 directories.

At the time these two houses were built, father and son together were engaged in the shipbuilding industry and owned some of the largest vessels built in the county.

In 1895 John Murphy sold the house to Charles who lived here until his death in 1907 at the age of 52. His widow, Mary was the daughter of Isaac Hatfield of Tusket. She conveyed the house the following year to Captain Lovitt W.Hines.

Captain Lovitt Wilson Hines was born in Pubnico the son of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Hines. While still a young man the family moved to Argyle. It was from here that he went to sea. He began fishing out of Boston and Gloucester and eventually owned five large fishing boats. He was skipper in three of these.

He retired from the fishing business in 1908 when he bought this house and moved to Yarmouth.


Surrounded by narrow lawns and hedges, the front faces an elementary school. The home has been kept in good condition and its well suited to the neighbourhood.

PRESENT OWNER: Donald & Gerald Pottier and Gordon Wood

ADDRESS: P.O. Box 68 Tusket Yarmouth County, B0W 3M0



BUILDER: Unknown


PRESENT USE: Five Apartments.

John Murphy July 17 1882 Jan. 25 1895 Shipowner BK 237
Charles W. Murphy Jan. 25 1895 July 25 1907 Shipowner BZ 227
Mary E. Murphy etal July 25 1907 Apr. 10 1908 Widow & Heirs Will #3580
Lovitt W. Hines Apr. 10 1908 Mar. 6 1939 Master Mariner CV 218
Sherman Hines/George Hines Mar. 6 1939 Oct. 21 1940 Printer/Automobile Dealer Will #2712
Sherman Hines (et. al.) Oct. 21 1940 July 22 1969 Automobile Dealer EN 67
William G. Hines (et. al.) July 22 1969 July 24 1969 (Heirs) Will #2860
Florence Hines July 24 1969 May 22 1979 N/A HE 157
Victor and Alberta Bain May 22 1979 June 6 1979 N/A LY 756
Basil T. Pero N/A Oct. 30 1986 (As high Sheriff) LY 756 Unreleased mortgage
The Bank of Nova Scotia Oct. 30 1986 Nov. 21 1986 N/A 422/521
Donald R. Pothier, Gerald A. Pottier & J. Gordon Wood Nov. 21 1986 N/A School Teacher/Surveyor Warden for Municipality of Argyle 422/1101

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