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14 Collins Street

p>14-Collins-StreetSTREET ADDRESS: 14 Collins Street



COUNTY: Yarmouth

YEAR BUILT: circa 1845


New England Colonial in style, this is a two and a half storey home of wood construction. the symmetrical five bay facade has a centered doorway and the gable roof has return eaves. The two small chimneys are inset. The twelve pane, double hung windows are trimmed with narrow casings and the modern addition of false shutters. There is one rounded window in the upper storey. Two columns support a roof above the main entrance. Side lights and a rounded window above the trim the portico. A pedimented false gable is situated above the upper storey bay. The house is clad in narrow clapboard and trimmed with narrow cornerboards. A modern deck has been added to back.


Although no deed could be found to James D. Cann, we do know that in November of 1845 Cann and his wife Harriett took out a mortgage on this property with John Bingay for £ 50. John Bingay died within the next few years and James Cann failed to meet the terms of their agreement. the next record available is a Sheriff's deed from Joseph Shaw (High Sheriff) to Rev. Robert Wilson for £ 240. The home was owned for some time by Benjamin Killam, Jr., he died insolvent in 1876 and the house was sold by an assignee of his estate. The house has had several notable owners over the years. Lawson (p. 569) states "Postermater Hood purchased the homestead of Rev. Dr. Day, corner Collins and Willow Streets, in September 1889 for $3,000.00.


Situated at the intersection of two streets, surrounded by narrow lawns, this house has been kept in excellent condition. As one of the oldest homes in the neighbourhood this is the only one of England Colonial design in the area.

PRESENT OWNER: Bruce Johnson

ADDRESS: 14 Collins Street Yarmouth, N.S. B5A 2C2



BUILDER: Unknown



James D. Cann N/A Nov. 17 1845 Mariner unrecorded deed
Est. of John Bingay Nov. 17 1845 July 19 1855 Merchant AA 287
Rev. Robert Wilson July 19 1855 Nov. 27 1857 Clerk AG 63
Benjamin Killam (Jr.) Nov. 27 1857 1876 Master Mariner AH 551
Robert S. Eakins (as Assignee) 1876 Apr. 28 1877 As Assignee of B. Killam Estate Will #59
John K. Ryerson Apr. 28 1877 Apr. 18 1978 Merchant BA 298
George E. Day Apr. 18 1878 Aug. 13 1889 Clergyman BA 432
Alexander J. Hood Aug. 13 1889 Dec. 27 1907 Postmaster BR 868
Alice B. Charters Dec. 27 1907 July 14 1909 married woman Will #2570
William Rogers July 14 1909 July 5 1927 Merchant CX 153
Clinton Rand and Alice Rogers July 5 1927 Aug. 9 1933 As Executors Will #4629
Arthur Rogers and Clinton Rand Aug. 9 1933 Aug. 11 1933 Retired Customs Clerk & Merchant EF 382
Clinton & Annie Rand Aug. 11 1933 Apr. 10 1961 Merchant & Wife Ef 384
Roger Rand Apr. 10 1961 Apr. 23 1962 Provincial Magistrate GA 693
Benedict d'Entremont Apr. 23 1962 July 13 1978 Inspection Officer (Dept. of Fisheries)  
James F. /Mirielle M. McMullen July 13 1978 Sept. 10 1993 Bank manager LM 787
E. Bruce Johnson Sept. 10 1993 Present Pharmacist 513/1018


Born in Weymouth, Mr. Alexander Hood began his early career as a tinsmith and carried on this trade in Yarmouth. It developed into the largest stove store in south western Nova Scotia. He was appointed postmaster after the resignation of A. Lawson, Esq. and began this career in 1864. He erected what is believed to be the first post office building in the province. this small building was on the west side of Main Street.

In 1865 he erected a three storey block of buildings on the corner of Main and Collins Streets, known as "Hood's building". Into this building Mr. Hood moved the post office and it remainded here until the completion of the Dominion public building in March 1887.

SOURCES: Yarmouth Past and Present, Lawson, p.564 Registry of Deeds (Yarmouth) Yarmouth Directories (1890)(1895) A.F. Church Map (1870) BEV Map (1889) D.D. Currie Publisher

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