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Roads & Sidewalks


The Road and Sidewalk division of Operational Services takes care of the maintenance and improvement of Yarmouth's streets, sidewalks, and curbs. We're responsible for covering:

  • Street cleaning and maintenance
  • Sidewalk cleaning and maintenance
  • Roadside cleaning and maintenance
  • Sewer cleaning and maintenance
  • Storm drainage maintenance
  • Snow and ice removal
  • Street & traffic sign maintenance

Street and Sidewalk Maintenance

Our street maintenance routine includes a scheduled route by the street cleaner, repaving of roads, patching cracks, ruts and potholes, and patching cuts from utility work. Supervisory staff of the Operational Services Department identifies areas to be repaired, and all patching/paving work is contracted out by tender. (For the latest on this process, check out our Tenders & Proposals updates.)

Our annual sidewalk inspection program is carried out by supervisory staff, which identifies areas of sidewalk that need to be repaired or replaced. We look for areas such as hazardous sections of sidewalk, broken curbs, places where asphalt sidewalks need to be replaced, and replaces sidewalks and curbs that were cut for utility work. All repair and replacement work on sidewalks and curbs are contracted out by tender. Three days a week, the Madvac cleans debris and garbage from the sidewalks.

Roadside maintenance keeps the gravel shoulder maintained. Roadside areas are mowed and cleaned by the town staff, and roadside ditching is also performed as needed. This maintenance is done to remove debris, gravel, etc. to ensure proper flow of storm water.

Water and Sewer Maintenance

Operational Services also maintains the sewage collection system, which includes our sewer drainage network. A yearly flushing, cleaning, and video inspection program is performed on the sewer line as part of regular maintenance. This yearly program is contracted out by tender.

The semi-annual flushing program in April and October, along with maintenance and repair, keeps our watermain operating smoothly. Operational Services is responsible for the watermains that begin in Lake George and end in town. The in-town distribution system receives the clean water from these watermains and also requires maintenance and repair. This distribution system provides clean, safe drinking water to every home and business in the Town of Yarmouth, plus some homes and businesses in Yarmouth County. To ensure the hydrants are readily available and in working order for the Fire Department, we also perform spring and fall inspections and maintenance.

Storm drainage maintenance is done by inspecting and cleaning the catchbasins and replacing them as needed. The storm drainage system is cleaned, inspected, and maintained on a regular basis.

Your Responsibilities

While Operational Services removes snow from sidewalks and streets and helps to control the build up of ice, fighting the onslaught of winter is a shared responsibility. Learn more about your responsibilities on our Snow Removal page, or see the Streets and Sidewalks By-law.

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