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Bulk Water Station

Water StationIn September of 2020, the Town of Yarmouth Water Utility opened a modern, safe, and centrally located bulk water facility to serve residents of Yarmouth County. Located at the corner of Forest Street and Industry Avenue, the self-serve station is open to provide easy access to potable water for those in need, 24/7. The state-of-the-art, self-contained dispensary offers easy access for both residential and commercial customers. Customers with tankers or large containers can quickly dispense large volumes.

Please be advised that the station was designed and built to dispense bulk water in large quantities, not for filling small containers for the purpose of drinking water. Please fill small water containers at local retailers, or through other means. 


206 Forest Street, Yarmouth


The rate is $0.00347/Litre with a minimum charge of $5.

< 500 Litres  = $5.00

500 Litres  = $5.00

1440 Litres = $5.00

2000 Litres  = $6.94 

Credit card only

Town of Yarmouth

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