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Snow Plowing


Winter is a challenging time of year when our team works hard to keep Yarmouth's streets and sidewalks reasonably clear of snow. On this page, we'll take a look at our plowing operations, and what they mean for you.

After the plow goes by, driveways are generally filled with snow. We take no responsibility for removing snow from any driveway due to snow clearing operations. Similarly, we take no responsibility for repairing fences, hedges, mailboxes, lawns, etc. which are damaged as a result of plowing streets and sidewalks if they've been erected too close to the sidewalk or street (i.e. within the public right-of-way width). We encourage homeowners to keep that portion of their lawn (and the walkway adjacent to the sidewalk) at the same level as the sidewalk.

Winter Parking

The Traffic Authority for the Town establishes temporary winter parking regulations between December 1st and March 31st (inclusive of the following year). Any vehicle interfering with snow removal or winter maintenance activities is subject to ticketing and/or removal. Any associated costs are the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle. The Traffic Authority may authorize towing of those vehicles for the Town of Yarmouth, which assumes no responsibility for damages to vehicles left within the public right-of-way during winter snow clearing operations.

For guidelines on parking your car in the winter, check out the PDF attachment at the bottom of this page. Be sure to look for updated signage around town in the winter, and drive safe!

When Does Plowing Start?

Plowing of the streets begins after an accumulation of 10 cms of snow, depending upon the conditions (i.e. wet snow, drifting, and at the discretion of the Public Works Department). It will continue until the storm has subsided. Under ideal circumstances, we will wait until after a storm has subsided before plowing, normally in the early morning hours. For blizzard or high wind storms, plowing will not commence until the storm has subsided.


After the streets have been plowed, our team focuses on clearing the sidewalks. This generally starts only after a storm has abated, and sidewalks are not plowed if blustering or drifting conditions exist. Sidewalks on main thoroughfares and around schools, the hospital, and other institutions are typically completed before we start working on side streets. After they've been plowed, the sidewalks may be sanded as required due to slippery conditions. However, not all sidewalks are cleared by the town! For more information, visit our Snow Removal page.

Keep It Clean!

Any private contractors who are plowing snow onto and across public streets and/or sidewalks from private driveways and parking lots (and which causes an obstruction or encumbrance to the flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic) shall be warned once. Any further offenses will result in a summary offence ticket under our Streets and Sidewalk By-law.

Winter Parking Regulations GENERAL Website

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