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27-Carleton-StreetSTREET ADDRESS: 27 Carleton Street



COUNTY: Yarmouth

YEAR BUILT: circa 1904


Queen Anne Revival in style, this is a two storey home of wood construction. The steeply pitched hip roof has two small, discreetly placed chimneys and one shed roof dormer. The asymmetrical facade has an off centered doorway located in an enclosed porch. The large, double hung windows are trimmed with narrow casings and labels supported by small brackets. A large, rounded push-out dominated the facade, it is trimmed with scalloped woodwork and decorative brackets. A pedimented false gable projects from the roof a triangular window is found in the gable. A small, open veranda is found at the rear of the building. The exterior foundation is of brick.


A clipping from an unknown newspaper dated November 3, 1904 states, "Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay Gardener will occupy their new residence corner of Carleton and Alma Street in a few days. The article also states that the house was built by Mr. Norman Crosby. The Hon. L.C. Gardner grew up in Yarmouth and after graduating from the Academy went to the Brooklyn College of Pharmacy in New York City. He returned to Yarmouth and went to work for C.C. Richards and Co. Ltd. He was later manager and eventually purchased the company under the name of L.C. Gardner and Co. In 1918 he was named vice-president and in 1929 he was elected president and managing director. The Hon. L.C. Gardner was a member to the Provincial Legislature from 1928 and Speaker from 1933 until his death. He was also associated as director with several other business concerns and organizations here and in other communities. This house remained in the Gardner family, being owned by the Gardner's son until 1974. At this time it was purchased by the Trasks.

John C. (Jack) was Yarmouth's 22nd Mayor. He was first elected to Town Council in 1960 and served until 1973, the last seven years as Deputy Mayor. In 1973 he was elected Mayor and held this position until 1976. Mr. Trask was active in the Yarmouth Fire Department having served as captain of Naiad Company for nine years. He was a member of the fire department for 20 years and fire commissioner for seven years. He also served as president of the Firefighters Museum of N.S., president of Yarmouth Boy Scouts and vice chairman of the Yarmouth Regional Hospital board. At the time of his death he was a supervisor with Irving Oil Ltd., Water Street, Yarmouth, where he had been employed for thirty (30) years.


Situated at the intersection of two streets, this beautiful house is surrounded by several large trees. The house is in excellent condition with no major changes to the exterior.

PRESENT OWNER: Lawrence W.E. Saunders & Jayne P. Saunders

ADDRESS: 27 Carleton Street Yarmouth, N.S. B5A 2C5

ORIGINAL OWNER: Lindsay G. Gardner


BUILDER: Norman Crosby

ORIGINAL USE: Residential (single family)

PRESENT USE: Residential (single family)

Lindsay G. Gardner Nov. 14 1903 Aug. 23 1938 Druggist CM 687
Dora A. Gardner Aug. 23 1938 Jan. 20 1967 Widow of Lindsay Gardner EM 558
J. Munro Gardner Jan. 20 1967 Feb. 28 1974 Town Engineer GO 241
John C. & Katherine Trask Feb. 28 1974 Oct. 9 1981 Supervisor Irving Oil IZ 338
Jayne P. & Lawrence W.E. Saunders Oct. 9 1981 N/A R.C.M.P. Officer / School Teacher ND 149


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