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15-Collins-StreetSTREET ADDRESS: 15 Collins Street



COUNTY: Yarmouth



Queen Ann Revival in style, this is a two storey home of wood construction. The symmetrical two bay facade has an off centered doorway. The roof is steeply pitched and decorative brackets support the eaves. There are two large, end wall chimneys and a small open veranda to the back of the east side. Wooden steps and a decorative railing lead up to the enclosed portico which has stained glass windows at the sides and elaborate woodwork above. There are two storey bays at either side with pedimented false gables above. Another three sided bay at the front is trimmed above with a small railing and below with elaborate wood carvings. There are several stained glass windows of various designs. The house is clad in narrow clapboard with wide cornerboards and the two stories are divided with scallop woodwork. The foundation is of cemented stone and the above ground exterior is faced with red brick.


In June of 1894 Ann Willett Spinney (widow of the late H. Arthur Spinney) purchase this lot from Margaret Jane Corning (also a widow) for $600.00. Lawson tells us that Mrs. Spinney's house on Collins Street was erected that same year. Mrs. Spinney later married Harvey S. Tedford, a carpenter and upon the death of his wife Tedford purchased the house from her Executor, John Anderson, for $5.300.00. the house was later owned by Ada Ross, wife of Joseph Wiley Ross, a Master Mariner and then by the Margolian family who also owned real estate in Truro and Montreal.


Situated next to a brick building of similar style, a small garage with matching roof is located at the rear and a lawn extends to one side. In recent years the house has been converted into two apartments. Early pictures show that the tower originally had a pointed section above the present flat roof. Although it is beginning to show some signs of decay (notably on the steps and veranda) few changes have been made to the original structure.

PRESENT OWNER: Bike Man Services

ADDRESS: 7324 189 Street Edmonton, Alberta T5T 5G6

ORIGINAL OWNER: Ann Willett Spinney


BUILDER: Harvey Tedford


PRESENT USE: Single family dwelling

Ann W. Spinney (later Tedford) June 6 1894 Oct. 1 1914 Widow of H. Arthur Spinney BY 692
Harvey S. Tedford Oct. 1 1914 Mar. 31 1919 Carpenter DF 456
William Lloyd Porter Mar. 31 1919 Feb. 27 1929 Merchant DL 434
Ada Ross Feb. 27 1929 Oct. 3 1936 Wife of Joseph Ross DY 558
Leon Margolian Oct. 3 1936 Dec. 9 1949 Merchant EJ 545
Joseph & Anita Margolian Helen Holt Dec. 9 1949 June 25 1951 Wife of David Holt Will #3774
Joseph & Anita Margolian & Lillian Slone June 25 1951 Sept. 12 1951 N/A FH 317
Joseph / Anita Margolian Sept. 12 1951 Sept. 18 1966 N/A FH 321
Joseph Margolian (Jr.) Sept. 18 1966 Dec. 26 1972 N/A GL 357
Central & N.S. Trust (As Executors) Dec. 26 1972 Jan. 15 1974 N/A Will #3868
William Cann Jan. 15 1974 Mar. 25 1976 N/A IY 1
William T. Brush Jan. 15 1976 Mar. 25 1986 N/A KD 539
Constantine Kollitus Aug. 18 1986 July 28 1993 Entrepreneur 419 / 752
Bike Man Services July 28 1993 Present N/A 513 / 662


"Mr. Harvey G. Tedford is just about completing a handsome large residence on Collins Street for Mrs. A.A. Spinney (nee Willett). The exterior appearance is very pleasing, the outline being bold, with the details elaborately worked out. The front door is reached by a broad flight of steps. The hall, the parlour and the sitting room are finished in American quartered oak, beautifully carved. Folding doors connect the three rooms. There is a handsome oak mantel and gate in the sitting room, also a mantel in the parlour. Considerable art glass is used in the windows, a panel in the parlor window being particularly beautiful. The dining room faces the west. It is finished in ash with birch floor and has two china closets. The kitchen is snug and convenient to pantry, dining room, washroom, etc. A side door leads from the back hall to a pleasant veranda facing south east. There are inside and outside entrances to the cellar. On the second floor are three large bedrooms, a sewing room, a servant's room and a bathroom. The bedroom over the sitting room is very pleasant, being lighted by a large bay window, and having an open fireplace and mantel. It is connected by a door with the bathroom. To assure the public that the workmanship is first class it is only necessary to mention the names of those employed in the construction of the house, H. G. Tedford, builder; - Thos. Redding, plasterer; Alvin Earle, painter; G.J. Morton, plumber; Jas. Doane, carver."

SOURCES: Yarmouth Light, (August 2, 1894)(Jan. 10, 1895) Registry of Deeds (Yarmouth) Yarmouth Directories 1890, 1895 Yarmouth Past and Present, J. Lawson (p.571)