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20-clements-streetSTREET ADDRESS: 20 Clements Street



COUNTY: Yarmouth



Basically Greek Revival in design, this house shows influence of the Queen Anne Revival style. The symmetrical three bay facade has an off-centered doorway. The house is two and a half stories and of wood construction. The steeply pitched gable roof is built on an "L" plan and has return eaves. There is one small chimney, discreetly placed. The windows are tow over one, double hung with wide casings and hoods. There is a two storey bay at the side and matching peaked windows in the gables. An open veranda runs along the facade and an enclosed sun porch runs along the side. A tower shaped roof on the veranda and elaborate woodwork add to the Victorian feel of the building.


In the 1890 directory, this property, on the west side of what was then "High Street" is listed as vacant. In December of that year Adeline (Addie) Robbins purchased this lot from James G. Baker for $550.00. An article from the Yarmouth Light dated October 22, 1891 reads, "one of the most pleasant and convenient homes in this town is that of Mr. and Mrs. CS.P. Robbins, situated on the corner of Clements; and Alma Streets. The house, which is a two storey one with pitch roof, has just been finished." The article goes on to describe the interior of the house is detail. The rooms on the first floor were finished in American ASh, the upstairs bedrooms were finished in stained cherry and walnut and the parlour fireplace was ornamented with coloured tiles and bronze. The house was built by Mr. Charles Kent and the mason work done by Mr. Gavel. The painting was done by Mr. Newth and the plumbing by Mr. Wetmore. A photo on file at the Yarmouth Co. Museum, dated 1891, taken from a top the old Seminary, shows this house under construction.


This impressive home sits on a comparitively large lot. Large trees are found all around the house and a hedge partially hides the facade.

PRESENT OWNER: Martin J./Cheryl A. Pink

ADDRESS: 20 Clements Street Yarmouth, N.S. B5A 2B8

ORIGINAL OWNER: Adeline Robbins

OCCUPATION: Wife of Charles S.P. Robbins (Employee of Parker-Eakins & Co.)

BUILDER: Charles Kent

ORIGINAL USE: Residential

PRESENT USE: Residential

Addie Robbins Dec. 27 1890 July 20 1940 Married woman BT 286
Bernard and Charles Robbins July 20 1940 Aug. 31 1940 merchant/physician (no will)
Marion Bingay Richards Aug. 31 1940 Feb. 18 1942 Widow EN 58
Mildred Bingay Holmes Feb. 18 1942 June 23 1944 Widow ER 198
Dorothy O. Dunn June 23 1944 Apr. 23 1947 Wife of Burgess Dunn Merchant ET 83
Myra O. Sutherland April 23 1947 Aug. 5 1987 Wife of Dr. D.R. Sutherland-Physician EY 214
Patrick McCloskey Aug. 5 1987 Dec. 3 1990 N/A 432/519
Martin J./Cheryl A. Pink Dec. 3 1990 Present Attorney at law 480/904

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