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11 Collins Street

11-Collins-StreetSTREET ADDRESS: 11 Collins Street



COUNTY: Yarmouth

YEAR BUILT: circa 1835


Except for the fact that the main entrance is on the end wall, this house appears to be of Gothic Revival design. It is one and a half stories high and of wood construction, the symmetric two bay facade has an off center doorway and the steeply pitched gable roof has non-return eaves. There are two inset chimneys, discreetly placed. There is a large, gable roof dormer on either side of the roof. The lower floor windows are square headed and trimmed with slanted hoods and brackets while the upper floor windows are slightly rounded. A two storey bay is found on the east side, under the dormer. An ell extends to the side and an open veranda runs along the west side. The main entrance is in an enclosed porch with windows at the sides. The double doors are trimmed with side lights. The foundation is of concrete.


The earliest record found for this house is a deed of 1855. Here, George Ryerson purchased the property from Richard Patten for £ 225. Considering the price of purchase is seems likely that the house was already on the lot at that time. In 1867 Ryerson sold the house to George Durkee. Durkee, a ship broker, is shown as residing here on A.F. Church's map (1870) and also in the 1890 directory. From 1892 to 1900 the house was owned by the Nova Scotia Permanent Benefit Building Society, during part of this time Samuel Hood, a watchmaker, resided here. This house has had several uses in the past, a single family home, apartments and more recently a Bed and Breakfast and brewing supplies shop.


Situated at the intersection of two streets, this house is surrounded by narrow lawns and hedges. this home has a unique appearance and it seems likely that several alterations and additions have been made over the years.


ADDRESS: 11 Collins Street Yarmouth, N.S. B5A 4B1

ORIGINAL OWNER: Richard Patten

OCCUPATION: Master Mariner

BUILDER: Unknown



Richard Patten N/A Oct. 5 1855 Master Mariner N/A
George Ryerson Oct. 5 1855 Apr. 15 1867 Master Mariner AG 734
George Durkee Apr. 15 1867 May 12 1892 Merchant AQ 476
N.S. Permanent Benefit Building Society & Savings May 12 1892 Nov. 23 1900 N/A BV 463
David A. Saunders Nov. 23 1900 Aug. 12 1903 Retired Master Mariner CH 525
William R. Parsons Aug. 12 1903 Mar. 31 1906 Doctor CM 522
Isaac Kaplan Mar. 31 1906 July 22 1918 Merchant CR 611
W. Roy Cann July 22 1918 Aug. 14 1928 Customer's Clerk DK 16
Yarmouth Building and Loan Society Aug. 14 1928 Oct. 14 1930 N/A DY 206
Arthur W. Gardner Oct. 14 1930 Nov. 30 1934 Commercial Traveller EA 750
Josephine Gardner Nov. 30 1934 July 4 1935 Widow Will #2150
Edith R. Topple July 4 1935 Apr. 9 1986 Married Woman FQ 483
James F. McMullen Apr. 9 1986 Sept. 15 1989 Bank Manager 414/835
Eye Opener Optical Ltd. Sept. 15 1989 June 26 1996 Opticians 463/469
Key Financial Services Ltd. June 26 1996 Present Financial advisors 543/1033


George G. Durkee was a well known ship broker and charterer of vessels. He was the son of Captain Amasa Durkee, and with his father owned several large vessels at the height of Yarmouth's shipping enterprise.

SOURCES: The Yarmouth Herald (Jan. 16, 1906) Registry of Deeds (Yarmouth) Yarmouth Directories (1890)(1895) A.F. Church Map (1870)

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