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The Red Shed

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The Red Shed

What’s the only thing better than great fish and chips? Eating them by the sea. Though it’s only been open for four years, owner Shane Ward has quickly turned The Red Shed into a town favourite. In addition to fish and chips, The Red Shed menu also features burgers, fish tacos, and poutine.

With great food, great prices, large servings, and a waterfront locale, people flock to the little red food truck as soon as summer starts, eager to grab their lunch or a snack and to enjoy it outside by the water in true Nova Scotian style.

What is your signature dish?

We have two – our fish and chips, obviously, and then our fish tacos, which have really been a huge hit.

How did you get started?

I’ve always liked business, but never really had the chance to do something; and I loved food and wanted to run my own business. So I decided to put them together and see what happens, and this has been the result. So far so good!

What should people try before leaving?

I think they should try the poutine. As an Aussie, to be able to have come up with poutine that people here in Yarmouth like, is something I’m pretty proud of. I don’t think anyone else around here is doing handcut fries, with fresh-made gravy, along with tons of fresh cheese curds. We wound up creating them because people kept asking if we made poutine!

In our second year we made them but I didn’t put them on the menu, and we still sold them like crazy. So last year we finally added them to our menu and then started coming up with different variations of them, and it’s been very successful.

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