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Smart City Ideas Challenge


Are you ready to vote? You gave us some great ideas to work with and we have narrowed it down to six ideas. The top two ideas that receive the most votes will be brought to Council to decide which will form the basis of the Town’s application for the Infrastructure Canada’s Smart City Challenge. Voting ends March 16, 2018. Please visit website to vote!


The Town of Yarmouth is looking for your ideas; is there something you would like to change or improve about our community? We want to hear from you.


The Smart City approach means achieving meaningful outcomes for residents through the use of data and connected technology. This approach can be adopted by any community, big or small.


The Government of Canada has issued a Smart City Challenge and is accepting application for communities for meaningful, measurable, projects that reflect the needs of the community and are explained within the context of a "smart city approach". Winning applications will receive the funding to implement their project. The following prize opportunities are available:

  • One prize of up to $50 million - Open to all communites, regardless of population
  • Two prizes of up to $10 million each - Open to all communities with populations under 500,000 people
  • One prize of up to $5 million - Open to all communities with populations under 30,000 people

For  more information on the Smart City Challenge visit the Impact Canada website.


Anyone can submit an idea! The Town is accepting all ideas that contibute to improving the community for residents. Each idea should touch on one of the following themes:

  1. Resident Welfare - help the community to feel safe and secure.
  2. Earn a Good Living - provide opportunity for residents to seek fair employment.
  3. Move Around my Community - connect important community destinations.
  4. Enjoy a Healthy Environment - improves the overall health of those in the Town.
  5. Be Empowered and Included in Society - help those most vulnerable find a voice within our neighbourhood.
  6. Live an Active and Healthy Lifestyle - provide healthy opportunities to citizens.


Ideas can be submitted online through the Town of Yarmouth's website.

Ideas will then be evaluated to ensure they meet the Smart City Challenge Competition criteria. Those that qualify will then be posted and the community will be invited to vote. The idea that receives the most votes will then form the basis of the Town's application for the Infrastructure Canada's Smart City Challenge.


The Town of Yarmouth is currently accepting "Smart City" ideas from the public. Ideas will be accepted until Friday, February 9th, 2018.

The Town of Yarmouth will select the ideas that best meet the competition criteria. The public will be invited to vote on their favourite idea.


Ideas should focus on the Town of Yarmouth; however, any community structure is eligible for this competition, so if you have a good idea that involves the Town as well as another community, please share it!

Town of Yarmouth

 This is an exciting time for the Town of Yarmouth. By working together, we can meet today’s challenges and build a better future.”

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