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Notice of Approval

This is to serve notice that the Council of the Town of Yarmouth, at its meeting on September 8, 2022, at 6:30 pm, approved the following.


What is this about?
The Town received a request to rezone the property at 1 Cosman Lane to allow more than two units. The property is currently zoned low density residential (R-1). The decision is to rezone to medium density residential (R-2).

How will this affect me?
This rezoning would only apply to the property at 1 Cosman Lane.

14 Day Appeal Period
Approvals to rezone are considered amendments to the Land Use Bylaw and have a right of appeal to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board within 14 days of this notice. The rezoning is considered effective at the end of this 14 day appeal period, if no appeals are received.

Dated September 21st, 2022

Town of Yarmouth

 This is an exciting time for the Town of Yarmouth. By working together, we can meet today’s challenges and build a better future.”

Pam Mood


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