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Notices of Approval

This is to serve notice that the Council of the Town of Yarmouth, at its meeting on Thursday, June 10th, 2021, at 6:30 pm, approved the following:

1. Proposal to Rezone 8 James Street (PID #90337155 & PID #90204520)

What is this Proposal About?
A developer submitted an application to rezone the subject property of 8 James Street from its current zoning of Institutional (I-1) to a Medium Density Residential Main Street (R-2M) Zone. The purpose of this rezoning is for the developer’s interest in establishing the following uses on the property: six (6) residential dwelling units; an inn with a maximum of eight (8) bedrooms or suites; and a combined café and art gallery of six hundred square feet (600 ft2) to eight hundred square feet (800 ft2) in size. These uses are permitted as-of-right in the Medium Density Residential Main Street (R-2M) Zone.

How will this affect me?
The rezoning 8 James Street will permit the following uses stated above as-of-right, as well as all other uses permitted in the Medium Density Residential Main Street (R-2M) Zone listed in the Land Use By-law.

How do I get More Information?
Any aggrieved person, the Provincial Director of Planning or Council of an adjoining Municipality may, within fourteen (14) days of publication of this notice, appeal Council’s decision to the Nova Scotia Utility & Review Board in accordance with the Municipal Government Act. More information on this rezoning proposal can be found on the Town of Yarmouth’s Development Applications page though the following link:

2. Repeal of Municipal Emergency Measures Bylaw

This allows for the repeal of the Municipal Emergency Measures Bylaw (Bylaw NO 24) so it can be replaced with the new Regional Emergency Management Bylaw.

3. Amend Bylaw 14 - Minimum Housing Standards Bylaw

This allows for amendments to Bylaw 14, Minumum Housing Standards Bylaw, as recommended by staff. The requested change was to allow the town to incur costs to remedy situations (up to $1500) where landlords have not followed an order and tenants are at risk. All costs, up to the approved limit, would be a lien against the property, and subject to interest charges.

Copies of bylaws can be found at



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