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The Town of Yarmouth has long supported a plan to one day see properly licensed ATVs access Yarmouth's downtown via Water Street. Until permission is given by the province, ATVs are not allowed on any street in town.

Requests have been made to the province for changes to the Motor Vehicle Act that would allow this to happen. This includes being added to the province's Off-Highway Vehicle Pilot project to safely enhance trail connectivity for four-wheeled off-highway vehicles. To date, the necessary changes required to allow ATVs to legally use Water Street have not happened, but the town will continue to pursue the matter.

Until that time comes, please be reminded that ATVs are NOT permitted on streets in the Town of Yarmouth. Operating an ATV on town streets is a violation of Section 12(1) of the Off-Highway Vehicle Act: “Operating off-highway vehicle on highway, adjoining shoulder or median” and is punishable by fine. We thank you for your cooperation.

 ATVs are Not Permitted on Any Street in the Town of Yarmouth