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Bike Lanes on Parade Street

Line painting was completed today to finalize the Parade Street sewer project. If you are travelling in the area, you will notice something new that will be of great value to those on bicycles.

As per last week's council decision, bike lanes have been added to both the north and south sides of the street. These lanes are the start of the implementation of a bike lane network on some arterial and collector streets wide enough to support them. Along with the current active trail work happening in areas around Haley Road, this is a progressive step forward for the Town of Yarmouth's Active Transportation Master Plan that has been gradually implemented over the past 11 years. Adding bike lanes is also consistent with the town's Integrated Community Sustainability Plan and Municipal Planning Strategy. The move to add bike lanes within the Town of Yarmouth is a move toward making sustainable and active transportation safer and more accessible.

➡ Drivers please note that beginning Friday, November 5th at 12 pm, no parking or stopping will be permitted where bike lanes have been added to the street (Pleasant Street to Second Street). Signage reflecting this change will be added along the street.

➡ Additional signage specific to the bike lanes will be added in the near future.

Thanks to everyone for your patience and understanding as we make this progressive step forward.

For more information on our Active Transportation Master Plan, click here:
For more information on our Integrated Community Sustainability Plan, click here:
To view our Municipal Planning Strategy, click here:


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