Our Priorities

We believe that Nova Scotia is on the verge of a massive economic, social and cultural transformation. Our Town Council stands behind the strategic vision of the One Nova Scotia Commission, which lays the foundations for our province to act and compete on a truly global level.

Strategic Priorities

Council Priorities


  1. Waterfront Development: Conceptual Plan (January)
  2. Arts & Culture Facility: Business Case (February)
  3. YMCA Agreement/Pool: Agreement (March)
  4. Curling Club: Upgrade
  5. Municipal Planning Strategy: Housing Policies (May)


Operational Strategies


  1. Waterfront Development: Conceptual Plan (January)
  2. Expense Policy (February)
  3. YMCA/Pool Agreement (March)
    - Curling Club: Meeting
    - Downtown Parking


  1. Long Term Capital Plan: Priorities (February)
  2. Online Payments (January)
  3. Customer & Employee Portals (February)
    - New Financial Statement Report
  4. - Improved Expense Report


  1. MPS: Housing Policies (May)
  2. Dog Park: Proposal (February)
  3. Land Use By-law:  Review (February)       
  4. - Marijuana and Urban Planning
  5. - Site Plan Review Process

Fire Department 

  1. Service Delivery Standard (March/April)
  2. Department Admin. Book (March)
  3. Fire Hall Second Floor Opening (Summer)


  1. Facility Needs Assessment (April)
  2. Milo Washroom (September)
  3. Agreement - Yarmouth Elementary School (October)
    - Accessibility Act Compliance
  4. - Active Transportation:  Project

Economic Development 

  1. Arts & Culture Facility: Business Case (April)
  2. Supply Chain: Phase 3 (May)
  3. Program Management Process (January)
    - Update Website

Capital Projects

  1. Active Transportation Plan: Project (March)
  2. Broad Brook Stream Enhancement (February)
  3. Parking Lot: Concept Plans (April)


  1. Compost Facility:  Assessment (March)
  2. Salt Management Plan (March)
  3. Water Service Review (March)