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Municipal Planning Strategy

Municipal Planning Strategy:

The Province gives municipalitites the power to make statements of policy with respect to a broad range of activities, including developent, land use, public lands, transportation, municipal services, and many other matters related to the physical, social and economic development of the community. Municipalities, inlcuding the Town of Yarmouth, do this through their primary planning policy document referred to as the Municipal Planning Strategy or MPS. The intent and rationale behind all land use objectives and policies are articulated in this document.

pdf Table of Contents (101 KB)
pdf Introduction (179 KB)
pdf Geographic and Historic Context (268 KB)
pdf Statements of Community Interest (2.49 MB)
pdf Residential (1.15 MB)
pdf Commercial (1.48 MB)
pdf Commercial Industrial (481 KB)
pdf Industrial (509 KB)
pdf Social, Cultural, Open Space and Institutional (437 KB)
pdf Infrastructure Development Implementation (2.21 MB)
pdf Implementation (192 KB)
pdf Climate Change Adaptation (279 KB)
Generalized Future Land Use Map   Existing Land Use Map   Statements of Interest Map

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