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Land Use By-law and Zoning Map

The Land Use By-law (LUB) is the primary companion document to the Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS). The LUB is the means by which Town Council will carry out the intent of the MPS for land use and development purposes. This is done through specific municipal regulations and standards, for matters ranging from permitted land uses within each zone, property setback requirements, lot area and frontage requirments, landscaping requirements, sign and fencing requirements, and much more.

Land Use By-law


Zoning Map

pdf Table of Contents (126 KB)
pdf Title and Application (137 KB)
pdf Zones and Zoning Map (121 KB)
pdf Interpretation (131 KB)
pdf Administration (133 KB)
pdf General Provisions For All Zones (401 KB)
pdf Signs (5.61 MB)
pdf Residential (369 KB)
pdf Commercial (1.86 MB)
pdf Industrial (371 KB)
pdf Waterfront Comprehensive Development Zone (135 KB)
pdf Open Space Zone (125 KB)
pdf Floodplain Zone (114 KB)
pdf Environmentally Sensitive Zone (129 KB)
pdf Institutional Zone (234 KB)
pdf Health Campus Zone (180 KB)
pdf Climate Change Storm Surge and Sea-level Rise Sensitive Area  (340 KB)
pdf Definitions (293 KB)
pdf Schedule A - Zoning Map (1.53 MB)
pdf Schedule B - Upper Broad Brook Marsh Map (1.28 MB)
pdf Schedule C - Existing Uses and Non-Conforming Uses (139 KB)
pdf Schedule D - Sensitive Areas Map (1.50 MB)
pdf Schedule E - Street Classification Map (1.46 MB)
pdf Schedule F - Urban Design Form Based Code Map (462 KB)
pdf Schedule G - Climate Change Storm Surge and Sea-level Rise Sensitive Area Map (1.59 MB)
Extreme Sensitive Areas:
  pdf Map A (348 KB)
  pdf Map B (309 KB)
  pdf Map C (325 KB)
  pdf Map D (222 KB)

To confirm zoning for a property in the Town of Yarmouth, you may request a zoning confirmation letter ($10 fee) from the Town's Development Officer, who may be contacted at 902-742-1505 ext 233 or development@townofyarmouth

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