Vacant Buildings

Vacating a building in Yarmouth isn't as simple as just boarding up the doors and windows. As a property owner, you're responsible for following a set of guidelines to ensure said property adheres to certain safety and aesthetic standards.

If you plan to board up a property for longer than 7 days, you'll first need to obtain a permit from the town. Any such permit is valid for a maximum of one year from the date issued, and said permit comes with the expectation that you will use, to the satisfaction of the town, a proper panel-type material to secure all openings to the building. The remainder of the building must be maintained so as to not become dangerous or unsightly.

Any property owner who fails to meet these guidelines gives the Town the right to enter the premises and carry out any work necessary to bring the building up to code. The Town may charge owners for any work carried out.

You can read more about the town's vacant building policies by browsing the   pdf Vacant Buildings By Law. (131 KB)

 Application Form for Development, Sign, Building, Demolition & Occupancy Permits

pdf Boarding Up Application (74 KB)