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Tender Results - 4X4 Regular Cab 3/4 Ton Work Trucks

The tender for the purchase of two pickup trucks for Operational Services and Parks and Grounds was awarded to Tusket Ford in the amount of $28,825.88 each plus HST.

Equipment Purchase - New 2015, 5 Ton Single Axle Plow Truck

The tender for a 2015, 5 ton, single axle plow truck be awarded to Silver's Garage Ltd. in the amount of $150,800.00 plus HST.

Sidewalk & Curb Program - 2015 Season

The tender for the 2015 season of the sidewalk and curb program has been awarded to Dexter Construction Ltd.

Paving & Patching - 2015 Season

The paving and patching tender for the 2015 season was awarded to Aberdeen Paving Ltd.

Granular Materials - 2015 Season

The granular tender was awarded to Lafarge for type 1, type 2, ¾” clear stone, and 3/8” pea stone; and Aberdeen Paving for type 1S, enviro rock, manufactured sand, and borrow.

Renovations RCMP Building - 233 Water Street

The tender for the renovations to the RCMP building at 233 Water Street has been awarded to Delmar Construction Ltd. in the amount of $493,290.11 plus tax.

Town of Yarmouth

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