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Severe Weather Events: Tree & branch removal

As we head deeper into September, one thing is certain: windstorms are coming our way. Please take note of the following important information, including property owner responsibilities, around tree and branch removal.

➡ Property owners with trees are responsible for dealing with any downed trees and branches.
➡ Town of Yarmouth public works will clear fallen trees and branches from streets, sidewalks, and town-owned parks. When those trees or branches have fallen from a private property, crews won’t necessarily haul away the tree and debris. That is the responsibility of the property owner.
There will be no special pickup of limbs/branches following any windstorm. The Town of Yarmouth will accept brush and branch waste in accordance with our Special Waste Collection guide as follows:

Brush, Branches, & Leaves – tree branches, brush, or excess leaves and yard waste can be placed alongside of your Green Cart on regular organic pickup days. Branches should NO LARGER than 1 inch in diameter and 3 feet in length. Branches must be tied or bundled in arm load sizes, not to exceed 5 bundles per pickup. Leaves should be bagged in heavy paper bags up to a limit of 20 bags per pickup.

Special Brush & Branches Pickup (for larger limbs/branches) - as mentioned above, there will be no special pickup of limbs/branches following any windstorm. An annual collection of brush, bushes, and small tree limbs will be picked up in the spring on a Friday, during the month of April. Limbs and branches cannot be longer than 4 feet in length, and a maximum of 6 inches in diameter. Quantities are limited to a maximum volume of 2.5 cubic yards (roughly 4' x 4' x 4'). A firm date for 2024 will be available in the Solid Waste Management Schedule to be issued early in the new year.

Residents of the Town of Yarmouth can also drop off tree limbs and brush at the Yarmouth County Solid Waste Park, 1934 Hardscratch Road, free of charge. Tree roots and stumps are not accepted, and there cannot be any garbage or other wood products mixed with the limbs/brush.

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