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Request for Lawncare Quotes

The Town of Yarmouth is seeking quotes from qualified companies to provide property maintenance for service such as lawn mowing, hedge trimming and vegetation control on a per call basis.

Contractor must be able to provide prior to start of contract, a letter of good standing from the Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia and a certificate of liability insurance.

Time Frame: June to November, renewing on a yearly basis.

Scope of Work:

• Be able to complete requested work within two (2) days (Monday to Saturday inclusive) of call from By-law Enforcement Officer.
• Crew to complete work only if safe to do so.
• All debris, other than acceptable amount of grass clippings left behind from mowing, must be hauled to the landfill. Tipping fees will be paid by the Town of Yarmouth. A picture of materials being dumped must accompany all slips from landfill and must be supplied to the By-law Enforcement Officer on completion of work.
• Be able to carry out work with minimal disruption to adjoining properties, neighbours and to traffic flow.
• All safety requirements and guidelines must be followed by contractor’s crew.

Quotes must be received by the Building Official at 400 Main Street, third floor, Planning Department no later than 12:00 P.M. on Friday, July 9th, 2021.

It is the responsibility of the respondent to deliver the quote to the third (3rd) floor of Town Hall before the time indicated. Any quotes delivered after the time indicated will not be accepted.
The Town of Yarmouth is not obligated to accept the quotes with the lowest cost. The Town of Yarmouth reserves the right to reject any or all quotes or to accept any quote should it be deemed in the interest of the Town to do so.

Town of Yarmouth

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