PSA: Flooded streets and clogged drains

It is the time of year that heavy rainfall and warm weather can create a lot of snowmelt. We rely on catch basins to move that water off of the streets.   Snowmelt and rain water will carry leaves, debris, and litter that are in the streets to the catch basins with the flow. These items can often create clogs and backups in the storm drain system, and create flooded areas along streets as well as backup onto private property. 

If this happens in your neighbourhood, check to see if the drain grate is covered with debris.  If it is, you can help by removing the debris to allow the water to flow into the drain.  If the water movement is still slow, call the Public Works  at (902) 742-9423 or emergencies after hours, please call (902)-742-3147 to report the problem and a crew will be sent out to investigate.

When you report the problem you will help reduce the chances of standing water freezing on the roadway and becoming a potential hazard to vehicle and pedestrian traffic. 

Released:  January 12, 2018

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