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Please Conserve Water

While we are not yet in a drought situation, it has slowly become more dry as the summer wears on. Water levels at the Lake George watershed are down, so the Town of Yarmouth Water Utility is asking customers to PLEASE be mindful and conserve water wherever possible. Here are some tips:

💧 Please skip the watering of lawns. Whenever possible, use large containers to catch and utilize rainwater for plants and flowers requiring water.
💧 Fix leaky faucets, toilets, appliances and sprinklers
💧 Take shorter showers, and use a low flow shower head.
💧 Turn off the water when shaving or brushing your teeth.
💧 Use less water when doing laundry by using proper cycle settings for load sizes.

Thanks for doing your part to help #ConserveWater #WaterConservation #SaveWater #TownOfYarmouthNS #YarmouthWaterUtility

Town of Yarmouth

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