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Plans & Strategies

Every great town has great plans in place to keep it great for generations to come, and Yarmouth is no different. Over the years, the Town has put a number of action plans into affect in order to ensure a strong economic and environmental future for the community. You can find the full documents at the bottom of this page.

Our Municipal Planning Strategy sets out to ensure a high-quality working and living environment in the community while enhancing the health and vitality of the community by promoting Yarmouth as a regional commercial, education, industrial, and service centre. With it, Town Council aims to participate more directly in the town's growth by creating a framework to accommodate new and future development trends.

The Climate Change Action Plan, meanwhile, has allowed the city to prepare for and adapt to the affects of climate change by making changes to the Municipal Planning Strategy and the town's Land Use By-Law, which take the possibility of storm surges, rising sea levels, and intense rainfall into consideration for future developments.

And then there's the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan – a long-term plan developed with consultation from community members – which states that the economic, social, cultural, and environmental elements of our community are not disconnected from one another, but rather interconnected. This plan sets forth guidelines on how we can work with the public to identify and prioritize various issues of importance to ensure the sustainability of the community for future generations.

Town of Yarmouth Corporate Mitigation Action Plan 2021

pdf Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (235 KB)

pdf Municipal Planning Strategy (4.49 MB)

pdf Planning for Business (1.50 MB)

pdf Planning for Climate Change (1.90 MB)

pdf Planning for Healthy Living (1.65 MB)

pdf Planning for Family Retention (1.31 MB)

pdf Climate Change Action Plan (3.40 MB)

pdf Downtown Blueprint (8.96 MB)

pdf Active Transportation Master Plan 2010 (8.42 MB)

pdf Waterfront Action Plan Final Report. (55.04 MB)

pdf Accessibility Action Plan (2.86 MB)

Town of Yarmouth

 This is an exciting time for the Town of Yarmouth. By working together, we can meet today’s challenges and build a better future.”

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