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Plan Themes

The Plan focuses on seven themes to help shape the Town of Yarmouth changes and how we grow in the future. To find out more about the themes, the Town’s current conditions and recommendations check out our pdf Strategy Study Report (6.96 MB) .

Health Living

Residents of Southern Nova Scotia are the longest-lives people in Canada. With this in mind, the plan review will try to capitalize on the inherent qualities to help contribute to healthier and happier lifestyle choices.

Historic Property Preservation

Yarmouth has a rich history and as a result is blessed to have a collection of over 200 extraordinary historic homes. The plan review will need to protect the historic character of these homes while providing opportunity for property owners to introduce new uses.

Economic Development

Yarmouth’s economy has undergone many changes since its founding. The Town’s Economic Development Officer is responsible for establishing the economic strategy for the Town. However, planning policy can be enlisted to support private and public sector initiatives to develop the economy. The Municipal Planning Strategy review will need to focus on enabling economic development initiatives, and not create unintentional road blocks for new investment and good ideas.

Immigration & Family Retention

Yarmouth’s population has been in a gradual decline from its peak in 1961. Today it has a population of approximately 6 700 people. The median age of the population base is gradually aging, which has significant implications for diversifying needs of residents and the types of services and planning approaches that may be needed. Attracting new residents through immigration from other parts of the world and within Canada and creating new opportunities for youth and young families could help to reverse this trend. The planning review will try to address this problem by enabling new business, supporting housing development and creating a nice place for families to live.

Climate Change and Nature Protections

Yarmouth is subject to flood impacts from two major sources, coastal flooding and the Broad Brook floodplain. The plan review will address immediate concern of storm-related flooding for these areas but also consider the longer term risk posed by new development, climate change, and sea level rise.

Affordable Housing

According to 2011 census data, more than half of all residents in the Town of Yarmouth live in rental accommodation. Part of the challenge is that many people’s incomes and social assistance have not risen to match increasing prices in the market. Another problem is that the quality of low cost housing has deteriorated. There is opportunity through the planning review to address housing need, and provide for a wider variety of housing types in order to accommodate all of Yarmouth residents.

Town of Yarmouth

 This is an exciting time for the Town of Yarmouth. By working together, we can meet today’s challenges and build a better future.”

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