Our Priorities

We believe that Nova Scotia is on the verge of a massive economic, social and cultural transformation. Our Town Council stands behind the strategic vision of the One Nova Scotia Commission, which lays the foundations for our province to act and compete on a truly global level.

Strategic Priorities

Council Priorities


  1. Solar Project Bid: Decision (March)
  2. Airport Passenger Service: Feasibility (February)
  3. Waterfront Development: Strategy (March)
  4. Arts and Culture Facility: Direction (February)
  5. Regional Collaboration: Joint Council Workshop (April)


  • Waterfront Governance
  • Long-term Capital Plan
  • 5-Year Capital Strategy
  • WREN Strategic Review
  • Regional Viability Study

Operational Strategies

CAO (Jeff)

  1. Solar Project Bid: Decision (March)
  2. Air Passenger Service: Feasibility (February)
  3. Waterfront Development: Strategy (March)
    - Arts and Culture Facility (February)
    - Joint Council Workshop (April)
    - Organizational Review (April)

Finance (Gerry)

  1. Long Term Capital Plan: Inventory (December)
  2. Waterfront Development: Wharf Projects (March)
  3. Software Enhancements (May)
    - 5 Year Capital Strategy

Planning (Caroline)

  1. MPS Update (May)
  2. Dog Park Design (April)

Fire Department (John)

  1. Service Delivery Standard (April)
  2. New Volunteer Recruitment Program (September)
  3. Administration Manual (October)
    - 911 Connection
    - Fire Hall Research 

Recreation (Frank)

  1. Facility Needs Assessment (December)
  2. Milo Repairs (April)
  3. Outdoor Ball Hockey (May)
    - Use Agreement: New Elementary School

Economic Development (Natalie)

  1. Social Media Strategy (March)
  2. Downtown Revitalization: Projects (March)
  3. Marketing Program & Targets (April)
    - WREN Strategic Review

Capital (Dave)

  1. Long-Term Capital Plan (September)
  2. Asset Management Plan: Phase 1 (December)
  3. Killam Wharf Repair Proposal (July)
    - Fire Hall Upgrades

Town of Yarmouth

 This is an exciting time for the Town of Yarmouth. By working together, we can meet today’s challenges and build a better future.”

Pam Mood


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