Transit Service Update - December 8, 2017

The Town of Yarmouth wishes to advise its transit customers that the regular, wheelchair accessible Transit bus is back in service.

Winter Parking Regulations - 2017/2018 Winter Season



WHEREAS, due to the congestion on the streets and highways in the Town of Yarmouth caused by vehicular and pedestrian traffic and the limitation of the free use of the streets liable to be caused by the presence of snow and ice thereon, I am of the opinion that special conditions exist and I do so declare.

THEREFORE, under the authority of Section 202 of Chapter 293 of the Revised Statutes of Nova Scotia, 1989, the Motor Vehicle Act, as Traffic Authority for the Town of Yarmouth, I make the following temporary regulations:

1. Notwithstanding that certain traffic signs have been erected in the Town of Yarmouth, prohibiting or permitting the parking or leaving standing of vehicles upon sections of highway during the hours stated thereon:

(a) No person shall park upon any highway or street right of way in the Town of Yarmouth between the hours of one o’clock in the morning and seven o’clock in the morning of the same day;

(b) No person willfully shall park or leave standing a vehicle, whether attended or unattended, upon any highway or street right of way in the Town of Yarmouth, in such manner that it might interfere with or obstruct snow removal or winter maintenance operations on such highway or street;

(c) No person shall park upon any highway or street right of way in the Town of Yarmouth during the period from one hour after a snow storm has commenced to two hours after such snow storm has stopped.

2. The provision of these regulations does not apply to a Police or a Fire Department vehicle or an Ambulance when the vehicle or an Ambulance is being used in an emergency.

3. Any person who violates or fails to observe or comply with any of the provisions of these regulations shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable to the penalty prescribed by Section 293 of the Motor Vehicle Act.

4. These regulations shall be in full force and effective from the 1st day of December 2017 A.D., until the 31st day of March 2018 A.D., both dates inclusive.

David F. Ernst, P.Eng.
Town Traffic Authority

Accessible Picnic Table - Rotary Park

A new accessible picnic table has been installed in Rotary Park. 

IMG 3114

Sealed Landers Park Accessible Picnic Table

A new accessible picnic table has been installed in Sealed Landers Park.  A new pathway makes it easy for everyone to enjoy.

Sealed Landers Park Table

Jean Thornburn Family Donation

The family of the late Jean Thorburn made a donation to the Community Asset Donation Program and placed a bench in Sealed Landers Park. 

Tax Sale November 22, 2017



Wednesday, November 22, 2017

In the matter of the Municipal Government Act being Chapter 18 of the Acts of 1998 of the Statutes of Nova Scotia and amendments thereto.

TAKE NOTICE that the lots of land hereinafter described will be sold at Public Auction in the Town Hall, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia on November 22, 2017, Council Chambers, at 10:00 a.m. in the forenoon for arrears and expenses unless before the time of sale, all sums are paid to the Treasurer of the Town of Yarmouth.

Please see the link below for a detailed list of properties.

A detailed description of the properties may be seen at the Office of the Town Clerk & Treasurer, Town Hall, 400 Main Street, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, during regular business office hours. Terms: Payment of cash or certified cheque to cover taxes and expenses must be made at the time of sale. Balance of purchase price due within three (3) days. Any sums paid prior to the sale must be in the form of certified funds.

  pdf Tax Sale November 22, 2017 (64 KB)


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