Lead Water Service Lateral FAQs

Q: How does the Town of Yarmouth Water Utility decide whose lead service lines get replaced each year?

A: One of our top priorities is to identify and remove any lead water service laterals delivering water to homes on streets as we undertake water main replacement projects. The long-term goal is to remove all remaining lead laterals in the Town of Yarmouth. However, this involves establishing a full inventory of existing laterals and the creation of a comprehensive program for their removal.  Until that time, lead laterals will be identified, removed, and replaced during water infrastructure replacement projects such as the Parade Street Sewer Project (summer, 2021).

Q: What if I want to replace my private side of the lead line sooner?

A: Please contact a qualified plumber and notify the Town of Yarmouth of your intentions to remove the lateral.

Q: Can I test my drinking water for lead? 

A: Yes. Water tests an be completed at the Yarmouth Regional Hospital. 

Q: How can I reduce lead in my drinking water if I know I have a lead service or lead plumbing?

A: To help minimize exposure of lead from your tap water it is recommened to use a certified filter for water you are consuming until the source of lead has been removed. There are several types of filters for removing lead from water, including a pitcher-style filter available at local retailers. The following practices are also reccomened to help reduce lead exposure at the tap:

1. If you have an aerator/strainer on your drinking water tap, clean it on a regular basis
2. Flush your tap for a few minutes before consuming water if the tap has not been used for a long period of time

Q: Aside from lead water service laterals, what other sources of lead in drinking water should I know of?

A: Some probable sources of lead in your tap water could be:

1. Older copper plumbing in your home that contains solder containing lead
2. Lead piping that is supplying your water
3. Brass fittings in your homes plumbing

Removing/Upgrading these sources could help in reducing your risk of exposure to lead in drinking water at your tap.