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Hurricane Dorian Branch Cleanup

Hurricane Dorian Cleanup Update: Cleanup of fallen branches from private properties will begin on Monday, September 16th. Crews will begin in the south end of town and move north.

There is no estimated time for completion. Residents who have not already placed branches at the edge of their properties are asked to please do so before the cleanup begins on Monday.


- bring branches fallen from the storm ONLY to the edge of your property. Please keep branches on your property and do not block the sidewalk.
- branches cannot be longer than 6 feet in length
- please place branches with the butt end facing the street in neat piles.
- small branches less than 3 feet in length and 3 inches in diameter go out with regular compost pickup.
- Please refrain from placing large compost bags containing yard debris with branches. Those go with your regular compost pickup.

This cleanup effort is for large branches from the storm and is not intended as a full yard cleanup. Placing items that don't belong will slow down the process. Items normally put out for compost will be picked up during the regular waste collection schedule.

Thanks for your cooperation!

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