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Do You Know a Hero?

Please join us in recognizing the people who are standing out in the crowd through COVID-19 with the Town of Yarmouth Community Heroes Initiative.

***To see the winners for each week by category, pease scroll to the bottom of the page. 

The Town of Yarmouth is borrowing a wonderful concept from our neighbors at the Municipality of the District of Shelburne. Please join us in recognizing the people who are standing out in the crowd through COVID-19 with the Town of Yarmouth Community Heroes Initiative.

COVID-19 has placed incredible strain on all of us. Some folks find themselves out of work, others are working harder than ever to keep us all safe, healthy, and well-fed. Let's face it, life has changed for everyone and all over Yarmouth, people are rising to the occasion and making big changes to get themselves - and others - through this crisis.

So let's recognize the people around us who are doing extraordinary things, and call them what they are: heroes! If there is an individual, family, or group in Yarmouth County that you consider a hero, you can nominate them today and they will be entered into a weekly draw to win prizes from local businesses. This is a Town of Yarmouth contest, but whether you live within the town limits or not, this is still your town so we welcome nominations from the entire county.

There's 3 categories (see below and the graphic for details). Prizes for each category will be drawn on a weekly basis and winners will be announced here on the Town of Yarmouth's Facebook, on our website at, and by the fine folks at Y95 - CJLS.

So don't wait, recognize YOUR hero today!

How to submit a nomination - Provide us with three pieces of information:

- Name of individual, family or group
- Category you are nominating them for (see examples for each in the graphic below):

1) Essential/Frontline Worker
2) Community Spirit – “Be the Light”
3) Endurance & Vitality

- Reason for the nomination

You can nominate in one of the following ways:

- Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
- In the comments section of the Facebook post
- Private message through Facebook

What is a hero?

There is no one definition of what makes someone a Hero, but most tend to be unsung individuals who are quietly doing amazing work for the improvement of their communities and neighbors. Everyone knows someone who is taking initiatives and action; helping the community and selflessly working to improve our world during these unprecedented and uncertain times. We recognize that these people are the true heroes of our communities and wish to acknowledge their actions through weekly draws for local prizes.

Prize winners May 7th, 2020

Each week, we randomly select nominations from all categories for prizes from local businesses. A HUGE thank you goes out to the following local businesses for dontating prizes:

Boston Pizza Yarmouth
Jungle Jim's Yarmouth
Gaia Global Kitchen
Redo's Pizza, Donair, & Grill
The Dinner Plate Family Restaurant

Community Spirit - "Be the Light" Category:

Jan Killam – Jan was nominated by Lynette Hayward-Byrd. Jan has been making ear savers for hospital employees and other essential workers free of charge. She is also there to help out with fundraisers for different organizations and individuals.

Essential Worker(s) Category:

Elaine-Marie And Robbie Pottie – this husband and wife team were nominated by Patti Stewart. Elaine-Marie is an infection control nurse at Yarmouth Regional Hospital and Robbie is a Manager of Environmental Services for hospitals in the county. They are both a vital part of ensuring that this infection is controlled.

Endurance/Vitality Cateogory:

Yarmouth MLA Zach Churchill – Nominated by Randy Donaldson: “He and his government have been steadfast in their leadership in our community and province during these very trying days.”

Prize winners May 14th, 2020

Community Spirit - "Be the Light" Category:

Alex Colgan – Alex was nominated by Rachel Murray. In Rachel's words: “Ever since the quarantine began, he’s not only been the designated grocery shopper for his family, but gets groceries for his mother-in-law and her sister, and for my family too. Being a single parent of children with special needs and a couple of them being in a higher risk category due to asthma/breathing issues, not having to worry about going to the grocery store has been a huge help during this stressful time. I’m a big believer in little things making a huge difference and this may seem like a small thing to him, but it’s made a huge difference to my family.”

Apparently, Alex also helps his grandmother and others who are immunocompromised, and does it all while working full time and taking great care of his own family as well. Great job Alex - we salute you!

Essential Worker(s) Category:

Brenda White – Brenda was nominated by Sandra Fougere. As Sandra put it: “Brenda works at South Red and White goes over and above for her customers and co-workers, family, and friends. Anyone that needs help, Brenda is right there to give it in any way she can without invitation and never wants thanks. Brenda is just a generous person.”

Way to go Brenda!

Endurance/Vitality Category:

Jill Hersey - Jill was nominated by Milissa Dennis. Milissa said: "Jill goes over and beyond for her past and present daycare peeps and their families. She is an amazing person!”

Congrats on being a hero to so many, Jill!

Prize Winners May 21st, 2020

Community Spirit - "Be the Light" Category:

Jim Rhyno and Ruth Anne Clerke Rhyno - Nominated by Linda Hixson.

Linda said the following: “They are an amazing couple and have spearheaded a drive to help feed families in our village who have food insecurities. Pastor Jim works hard each week to provide us with our spiritual nourishment and with the help of a couple Kemptville United Church members records a service each week and delivers them to our church family. We are grateful for their kindness and example in this difficult time. Pastor Jim is also spearheading the fundraiser for Camp Peniel. He has challenged other Pastors in the area for the dreaded cold water dip challenge. I don't think he has taken a day off since this Covid pandemic started!”

Essential Worker(s) Category:

The Dialysis Nurses at Yarmouth Hospital – Nominated by Bonnie Ross

Bonnie said the following: “These nurses keep us alive 3 times a week, every week, even in the midst of this pandemic. They are all very special people, dealing with their own pandemic issues with their families at home, but they still brighten my day every time. Hey, it's my only social outing and I appreciate them from behind our masks! Thanks!”

Endurance/Vitality Category:

Leanne Pierce Schneider – nominated by Brenda Tate & Cassie Pierce.

Brenda said the following: “I'd like to nominate Leanne Pierce Schneider for her many powerful, personal, positive and sometimes-painful reflections on her experiences with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. Leanne has spearheaded and/or participated in countless initiatives relating to local health care, especially as it pertains to cancer treatment, much of which she receives at our own chemo and radiology units at Yarmouth Hospital. She has many followers around the world who read her ongoing Facebook posts, which have become a blog of her experiences. She has also been a major participant, together with her late friend Sandy Dennis, in Relay for Life.

In the middle of her own ordeal, she lost her mom to lung cancer and that has added another dimension to her story. She understands firsthand the profound impact of grief that families must endure when their loved ones pass away from the "Big C".

Through Leanne, many of us are learning so very much about the many challenges that cancer warrior must face every day. She is also an author whose personal stories have now been published for a wider audience. I cannot think of a better advocate for cancer patients in NS and Yarmouth area in particular.

She was nominated in the Community Spirit category as well by Cassie who said “She brings light to everyone around her!”

FINAL Prize Winners May 28th

Final Community Heroes Prize Winners - May 28th, 2020

Here are the final prize winners for the Town of Yarmouth Community Heroes Initiative. Thank you to all who participated by sending in nominations, but more importantly a HUGE thank you to those heroes nominated (and those who were not). It takes people like you to keep a community together during tough times, and Yarmouth is fortunate to have you all. We will be posting all nominees shortly in a separate post.

Thanks to the following local businesses for donating prizes: Boston Pizza, Gaia Global Kitchen, Redo's Pizza Donair & Grill, The Dinner Plate Family Restaurant, and Jungle Jim's Eatery. We will be reaching out to each winner so we can deliver your prizes.

Community Spirit - "Be the Light" Category:

Christine Comeau – nominated by Sarah Turpin. Sarah said: “Christine has been spending a lot of time not only making cloth masks for people, but if people are able to make a donation, all funds go to the Yarmouth Food Bank. As of April 18th, $400 had been raised (sure it’s more now). If people cannot make a donation, they are able to take a mask at not charge to help fight the battle against Covid-19. Christine has a kind heart and positive spirit!”

Essential Worker(s) Category:

Jody MacDonald – nominated by Holly Goreham. Holly said: “Jody is a Registered Nurse and team leader in the emergency department at Yarmouth regional hospital who goes well above and beyond to make sure all the staff are up-to-date with all the COVID-19 guidelines And that we work safely. Jody goes above and beyond for all the patients in the emergency department as well.”

Endurance/Vitality Category:

Tina Comeau – nominated by Mayor Mood! Here’s Mayor Mood said: Tina has single handedly provided news coverage through this pandemic. She is alone in the newsroom, is working from home and yet has kept us up to date on every front. Thank you Tina not just for doing a great job but for caring enough about us to ensure we are always updated with local stories!

Town of Yarmouth

 This is an exciting time for the Town of Yarmouth. By working together, we can meet today’s challenges and build a better future.”

Pam Mood


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