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FREE Compost Anyone? You've Earned It!

Category: News & Notices

Earlier this year, the Town of Yarmouth urged residents and businesses to help with a serious problem. Too much plastic was arriving at the compost facility. It was a major issue for staff who had to remove it, and it reduced the quality of the compost.

Fast-forward to today and we are happy to report a HUGE improvement! Our message was heard and today staff at the facility have seen a consistent improvement in the quality of the organics. We are seeing FAR less plastic, so thank you everyone for your help! Keep up the good work.

As a reward for your efforts, we are inviting folks to come out and shovel your own FREE compost for home gardening use.

PLEASE NOTE: this is meant for residential/household use ONLY - shovel yourself in small quantities (e.g. tote boxes and containers up to maximum ½ ton truck load). If you require larger quantities for residential/commercial use, you may purchase for $25/yd that staff will load for you (e.g. one ton truck load or larger). WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES.