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Every Bloomin Thing

Every Bloomin’ Thing

361 Main St.

Why was it important for you to participate in the façade program?

"Every Bloomin' Thing was growing in leaps and bounds. We knew we wanted to do some changes, and we wanted to do some funky colours, but we weren't quite sure how to go about it- to make it work.

When the plan for the façade program was presented, with the colour palette, my reaction was “Wow!- look what potential Yarmouth has”. I could picture it in my mind and wanted to be a part of it.

I believe in the power of downtown. I felt that if we followed the plan the town presented, it would be good for all of us. There is a lot of enthusiasm for this program from other business owners and that affects all of us in a positive way.

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What impact has your new façade made to your business?

Big impact on business!“ From July 2015 to Nov 2016, a 16-month period, we had sales increases of 52%! People are driving downtown to come and shop. It's so pleasant to come down here and now there's such a fresh look! The façade has made people stop...and stay!"

When it first happened, the excitement we had from our customers, in person and on Facebook, was so great. Everyone wanted to talk about how nice it looked. There is no doubt in my mind that the façade was responsible for bringing people in.

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Town of Yarmouth

 This is an exciting time for the Town of Yarmouth. By working together, we can meet today’s challenges and build a better future.”

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Town of Yarmouth
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