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Engineers - Environmental and Civil

The Town of Yarmouth, located in Southwestern Nova Scotia, is searching for two engineers (or Engineers-in-Training) for our municipality.  Here is a brief summary of each one:

As a Civil Engineer, the major areas you will be responsible for include infrastructure and asset management and traffic authority.

In the infrastructure and asset managment area, you will:

  • Prepare tenders, estimates and design plans for major projects;
  • Submit applications for funding to various levels of government;
  • Review the design drawings and specs for projects;
  • Source and review proposals for design services from consultants;
  • Arrange for surveys and inspection of project sites; and
  • Manage all contract and project administration.

 In the traffic authority area, you will:

  • Conduct traffic studies; and
  • Review requests for street closures, special events, parades, etc.

As an Environmental Engineer, you will oversee regulatory compliance of operations such as water and wastewater treatment, solid waste and compost, dams and contamination issues.

In the water and wastewater treatment area, you will:

  • Report to federal and provincial regulatory authorities as required;
  • Provide support to the facility and staff;
  • Oversee implementation of the watershed protection strategy and managment plan; and
  • Prepare recommendations to the water utility and Town.

 In solid waste, compost area and dams you will:

  • Report to federal and provincial regulatory authorities as required;
  • Provide support to the Public Works Manager; and
  • Prepare recommendations to inform plans and priorities of the Town.

 In the contamination area, you will:

  • Manage any environmental issues that arise from time to time; and
  • Develop a Brownfield remediation strategy and oversee the remediation.

 In bothof  these roles, you will provide support to the Town's partners and agencies through shared service agreements.


As the ideal candidate, your communication skills must be well developed as you will frequently prepare written and oral reports to Council, the CAO, Directors, and the public.  You should also have knowledge of occupational health and safety standards, budgeting and business planning, quality management, and human resource management.  You must also have an engineering degree in the appropriate specialty area.


If you would like to pursue either of these opportunities, please forward your resume and cover letter as soon as possible.  Applications can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., quoting project number 1734 in the subject line.

Town of Yarmouth

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