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Yarmouth Dog Park

Yarmouth Dog Park

In December 2015, local community members presented to Council a proposal to turn 28 Jarvis Street into a Community Dog Park.

As a result of this, at the December 10th, 2015, Council meeting, Council moved that staff be directed to investigate turning 28 Jarvis Street into a Community Park, in consultation with residents in the area, to allow dogs to run off leash or on leash and provide a recommendation to Council within ninety (90) days.

A dog park would provide an opportunity for people with dogs, who live in the Town, the ability to socialize and be part of the community as well as provide a space for dogs to experience physical exercise and sensory stimulation.

There are no policy changes required for the Town to own and maintain a Dog Park. The Town’s Dog By-Law clearly states that an owner of a dog is responsible for the actions of a dog at all times.
As this would be the first Off-leash Dog Park permitted in the Town, the Planning Department is performing the following Public Participation:

1. A letter advising residents in the Jarvis St., Argyle St. & South East St. area;
2. An online survey for both the general public and for the residents of the Jarvis St., Argyle St. & South East St. area;
3. Two (2) public meetings, one (1) for the general public and one (1) for the residents of the Jarvis St., Argyle St. & South East St. area; and
4. Develop a Town Newsletter that the public, who are interested in the Dog Park, can subscribe to receive regular updates on the development and volunteer opportunities.

  pdf See Council Report. (136 KB)

Current Progress

The concept plan for the Yarmouth Dog Park was created following consultation with the Dog Park Committee. Three site layout options were issued to the committee and Town staff member for review and to provide comments. Layout 4 was then produced in response to the comments and was favourably received. We progressed that design to create the detailed concept plan on the following pages. The main reasons for the layout are to have the small dog park nearest the car park as it needs to be the most accessible; the people park and playground between both dog parks so it can be overlooked; and the big dog park to the rear as big dogs and owners tend to be more able to use the open woodland setting and terrain the rear site has. (Conceptual Design Below)

The park features: (Conceptual Design)

  • Separate small and big dog parks;
  • A park for people with natural playground;
  • A 20 space gravel car park with infiltration trench sustainable drainage;
  • A 25m woodland buffer around it to protect local residents from any noise pollution from the dog park and to allow them to continue enjoying the wildlife and natural environment on their doorstep;
  • Over 60 new individual trees; and
  • 6’ high wildlife fencing around the dog parks with double entry gates to ensure safe entry and exit for dogs and their handlers and maintenance gates for the Town’s staff and volunteered help;
  • Crusher dust pathways across the site that are accessible to all abilities;
  • Play features for the dogs: old tractor tires and play tunnels;
  • Shelters and benches for the humans;
  • Poop sack dispensers;
  • Trash receptacles;
  • Drinking fountain for people and their dogs;
  • A small park area for people with picnic tables and benches;
  • A natural playground for children to play in whilst their carers walk their dogs; and
  • A further car park for 20 more cars with a small pedestrian bridge over the ditch which can be added at a later phase when demand and funds allow.
  • pdf Survey Results (80 KB)
  • pdf Benefits and Liabilities (3.84 MB)  "Laurel Allen - University of Pennsylvania"
  • pdf Off-Leash Dog Park Proposal - Sudbury (4.45 MB)

Conceptual Design for Yarmouth Dog Park

Conceptual Design Dog Park

Town of Yarmouth

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