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Building & Permit Applications

The following guidelines have been drafted to assist any person or party intending to erect, construct, add to, alter, replace or relocate any building or part of a building or structure; change or alter the use made of land, buildings or structures within the Town of Yarmouth.

Please note: in order to submit these applications, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. You may download the program here: https// 

Please follow these instructions, after you have downloaded Adobe Acrobat Reader, to submit these applications from your PC:

  • Click on the title of the application below. 
  • Click on the pdf that shows in the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • When the application comes up on your screen, click the download button in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Choose where to save the application.
  • Go to the place you saved the application and open it.
  • Fill out the information and click the submit button at the bottom of the application.
  • A window will pop up, click continue.
  • Click send

Please ensure you are using the latest version of the applications.

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  pdf Building Permit Checklist (1.44 MB)     pdf Permit Application (325 KB)     pdf Building Guidelines (1.09 MB)   pdf Sample Drawings (1.43 MB)   pdf Swimming Pool By-law (133 KB)     pdf Assignment of Agent (792 KB)

Building Permits & Applications

The following guidelines have been drafted to assist any person or party intending to erect, construct, add to, alter, replace or relocate any building or part of a building or structure; change or alter the use made of land, buildings or structures within the Town of Yarmouth.

What permit(s) do I need? How do I apply?

There is one pdf Permit Application (325 KB)  form to apply for all necessary permits. This form can be downloaded, mailed, emailed, faxed or picked up from the Planning and Development Department at Town Hall. A helpful  pdf Building Permit Checklist (1.44 MB)  of what may need to be included with your application is also available. The application must be signed and returned to the Planning & Development Department with necessary details and payment:

Development Permit:

This permit is concerned with where structures are placed on a lot in relation to property boundaries, as well as those uses on those lots. A Development Permit is required for new construction, additions, renovations and change of use (e.g. office to a store) and signage. The application must be signed by the owner of the lot, or the agent of the owner of the lot (with the written authorization of the owner) and be accompanied by a plot plan showing where structures will be located.

Further information may be necessary to determine whether the proposed development conforms with the requirements of the Land Use By-law. There is NO fee for a Development Permit.

Development Permits expire after six (6) months if not initiated. 

Building Permit:

This permit is concerned with how structures are built. A Building Permit can be issued after a Development Permit has been issued (or deemed unnecessary). If the construction project does not fit into the following examples for which this permit is required, contact the Building Official for further information: Construction of single & multi- family dwellings, commercial, industrial and mercantile buildings, locating mini and modular homes, reconstruction, interior/exterior structural renovations, decks, carports, additions, and accessory buildings over two hundred and fifteen square feet (215 ft2).

Construction or replacement of a veranda, ramps, steps, canopy/awning & deck regardless of size or location require permits. As a courtesy, neighbours may wish to construct fences stepped back from the property line with good side out.

For more detailed information on Building Permit Fees please visit the "Town Fees" page.

Demolition Permit:

Required for the removal of any building or major part thereof. For details concerning demolition waste management, contact the Yarmouth County Solid Waste Park at Tel: (902) 742-5852. Permit Cost: *$200.00 (refundable deposit) + $50.00 + $10.00 (non-refundable processing fee) = $260.00. * Deposit only required with existing hook-ups to Town Services and will be refunded after capping and required inspections by the Public Works Department.

Occupancy Permit:

This is the final step in the Building Permit process. Before any part of the building may be occupied, the Building Official must inspect the work that was done. If the work meets the code requirements and no unsafe conditions exist, an Occupancy Permit can be issued. Please contact the Building Official. There is a cost of $35.00 for the Occupancy Permit. If there is no Building Permit in place the cost is $50.00 for the Occupancy Permit.

Additional Information Required:

Additional information may be required to accompany application. Building Permit Applications must be accompanied by Details and a Location Plan before they will be reviewed by a Building Inspector. Development Permit Applications must be accompanied by a Location Plan before review by the Development Officer.

Please Note: You are required to submit the construction details of your project to this office for review.

These details are best provided through drawings or plans of proposed construction. Drawings are necessary to aid both contractor and Building Inspector in determining what the project will look like prior to construction. The Building Inspector needs to know these details in order to ensure compliance with the minimum requirements set out in the National Building Code of Canada.

When is a Building Permit not required?

A Building Permit is NOT required for the following. However, a Development Permit may be required for some or all of the below mentioned items, therefore, you should always check with the Development Officer prior to starting any work:

  • Sewage, water, electrical, telephone, rail or similar systems.
  • Accessory buildings (defined as a structure secondary to the main structure) under two hundred and fifteen square feet (215 ft2) (single storey). Note: The primary structure on any property regardless of size requires permits.
  • Interior and exterior non-structural material alterations and material repairs with a monetary value of five thousand dollars ($5,000) or less. Please check with the Planning Department to determine if property designation or change of use requirements apply.
  • Free Standing Signs, utility poles, and radio communication towers or aerials.

Depending on the class of occupancy, drawings may be required to be provided to the Office of the Fire Marshall.

What inspections are required?

The Building Official will need to see as a minimum, the following stages of construction (according to project and permit indication):

  • Excavation.
  • Footing in place.
  • Foundation with damp-proofing, drain tile, crushed rock, etc.
  • Underground plumbing.
  • Sub-slab underground insulation.
  • Rough-in plumbing.
  • Framing and roof tight (windows, doors, sheathing papers installed).
  • Insulation and vapour barrier prior to the interior finish being installed (electrical, plumbing and heating and mechanical ventilation must be in place).
  • Final Building Inspection.

When can I move in?

When your project is complete and before you move in, call the Building Inspector for a final/occupancy inspection. If the work that was done meets code requirements and no unsafe conditions exist, an occupancy permit may be issued.

Please Note:

You are legally responsible for notifying the Building Inspector at the required inspection stages, so that any problems can be corrected before they become costly. Failure to comply with the required information could produce delays in obtaining necessary approvals.

An application for which a permit is not issued within six (6) months is considered abandoned. Permits, unless otherwise stated, are valid for one (1) year and are renewable.

Swimming Pools (Swimming Pool By-Law 31)

Whether above or in-ground a swimming pool is defined as any construction which is erected to hold water, and which is more than twenty-four inches (24") depth.

A Development Permit is required for the installation of a swimming pool and enclosure. You will need to provide details of where and how the fence and pool will be constructed.

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